06 August 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Harry And The Potters/Potter Puppet Pals

            Hogwarts Comes To The Art Center
Sunday night at The Art Center was dominated by laughs, wizards, kids dancing and Harry Potter puns. As you all know, Paul of Harry And The Potter's is a friend of ours (owner of one of our favorite art galleries and venues, Wonder Fair), and thanks to him, we got sidestage to the show and got snapped a few good pics of them. The Potter Puppet Pals, live from the internet, we're absolutely hilarious. Harry And The Potters, rockin'. I really could not have picked a better way to spend a sunday night. 

 The Potter Puppet Pals
As I think everyone has, I've seen an loved the puppet project of Neil Cicierega on Youtube ever since "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" came out a long time ago. Why? Because it was brilliant. (the other 130,000,000 people who have seen that video agree). Now, I was wondering how they were gonna translate to a live setting. And I will definitely say, they did it greatly. Their skits that spanned the entire HP history were totally hilarious, and made us laugh out loud... A lot. Multiple naked Dumbledore appearences, Neil as JK Rowling,  drunk Hagrid, Snape singalongs and group Voldemort hugs. Even at one point, they put wings on Snape and he flew (within the bounds of the wire in this back, or course). If you get the chance, see these guys. Oh it's so funny. Like seriously. We haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Harry And The Potters
As previously mentioned, we are friends with Paul DeGeorge, one third of the wizard rock inventors Harry And The Potters. Even though we've known Paul since last year and loved his music for even longer, we've yet to actually seen him play. Which I'm kind of ashamed of. But, we finally got that chance when they came to The Art Center. And wow, it was fun. Paul let us go sidestage to get some pictures and watch the show from there. And what we saw from the side was possibly one of the funnest shows we've seen all year. Paul and Joe bounced around everywhere, singing about the magic of Harry Potter and talking to the crowd a lot. Oh, and Paul and Joe made countless Harry Potter puns. I'm pretty sure it went into triple digits. The guys invited "the ones who believe in the rock and roll" to come to the sides of the stage to come and dance. People crowded the sides of The Art Center and danced themselves to death. At the very last few songs, The entire audience came up and crowded the stage and almost squashed each other. Even Neil Cicierega made an appearance with the Snape puppet. It was a great, energetic performance that will definitely stick with me for a while. Even though there were quite a few sound difficulties, they definitely made the most of it and rocked. If you're into Harry Potter, like rock and roll, and a fun show, you'll for sure love Harry Potters. These guys are definitely one of the most interesting bands around right now, and definitely worth seeing.


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