12 August 2012

All Blood Drops New EP, Recorded In 2 Days

Primordial Savant cover art

One of our favorite musicians around right now, All Blood (also known as Jonathan Brokaw), released a new EP recently. Jonathan says that the EP was recorded in 2 days after a manic side of depression. He released it the very next day. And after inspecting this EP closely, I can say that this EP is definitely one of the weirdest things... you'll hear all year. While Jonathan's Flood record is a bit of an experimental, noisy rock record, Primoroial Savant is just wacky. "Jurassic Global Thermo Nuclear War" has Jonathan kind of doing a bit of a John Dwyer schtick, with lots of kind of crazy yelps and yells. There are multiple tracks on here that have been slowed down to just make them sound absolutely crazy. "Primal Prozac" is probably the most accessible moment on the EP. Almost all of the tracks sound sort of off beat (in a good way). Primoroial Savant definitely kind of came out of nowhere, like a crazy man in an alley, and hit me in the head with a brick. I'm totally loving this thing. It's crazy, wild, wacky, and just something. An another great All Blood release. Whoda thunk it?

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