25 August 2012

All Blood and Puffs Or Plumes? Release New Music

The 2 dudes I consider the best roommates ever, Jonathan Brokaw (All Blood) and Zachary Turner (Puffs Or Plumes?), have both released new stuff recently. Coming off of releases from both projects that I loved, I was excited about their new stuff. And both releases are definitely not disappointing. The new All Blood is a 15 track A Cappella record made in about 2 weeks. And being the thing that is coming after Primoroial Savant, possibly the weirdest, most manic and crazy thing I've heard this year, That's Not Me follows up perfectly. Odd, Loud, Wacky and occasionally pretty covers of that I'm really loving. I'd really recommend The Beatles cover and the JJ Jackson And The Jackals cover. My personal favorites. Great release. And now for the new Puffs Or Plumes? album. After being fairly impressed with his last EP BummerSummer, and I thought I'd know exactly what to expect for this new one. And I was definitely wrong. More experimental, ambient and pretty textures find their way to this EP beautifully. Pretty calming, for sure. And there's a few really good beats here and there. Definitely a very great new work from him. After these 2 new releases, I'm definitely super excited for the next releases from these dudes. 2 of my favorite musicians around right now. Stream and download both records for free down below. Free!

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