31 August 2012

INTERVIEW: Supersonic Piss/Slut River/The Tanks

Here's a little interview we did with a friend of ours from Iowa, Joe Ross, the drummer for Slut River/Supersonic Piss/The Tanks. We talk about drumming without shirts, jobs and tours, and playing black metal in your 40's. Yep. Stream the some releases from all three of the bands Joe's in, and maybe buy a copy of them. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, location and occupation.
Joe: okay, here it goes.joe ross,iowa city ,iowa and i am the drummer man...you kow..every town has 

one...the drummer dude that never went to college...he's your go to guy when you need a drummer thats efficient and he plays in way tooo many bands! i also sling falafel at the oasis.

Me: Now, you play drums in Slut River, Supersonic Piss and The Tanks. Is their any difference in what you do in the 3 bands?
Joe: BIG BIG difference....while all three bands are heavy and loud....the mind set is totally unique for each band..the tanks are tuff and really loud and kinda of macho...i work at playing extremely loud as well as pretty fast..but try to keep a steady,heady vibe.
SSP comes from a mind set of trying to emulate bands i was ( ad still are)really really into when i was in my early 20's ...arty chaotic hardcore punk like angel hair, page 99 and early locust....that music means alot to me...and when this noisey fuck up punk band asked me to join...i was totally pumped to do it...the drumming in that band is just as insane as i can make it...not worring about staying in time or following any sort of rules....just melting faces.
SLUT RIVER well...this is my baby..i mean this is a band that my kick ass girl anna mc d and i created and stuck with and will continue to do as long as possible. i have alot more to do with the writing process in this band..i even write some of the riffs..this band is just what naturally comes out when the people involved try to play punk rock...so drumming in this band is more like playing to the songs and trying to make it the best sounding as a whole and not showing off(but i do)...this drumming is inspired but la punk and the wipers and buzzcocks and the drummer of the new york dolls JERRY NOLAN...what a shredder.

Me: You recently just finished up a brief midwest tour with Supersonic Piss. How much fun was that?
Joe: it was nice and short and pretty fun.
just two days...

Me: Do you prefer bar shows or house shows?
Joe: well...its weird i love and hate both....at bar shows...its like your rocking sooo hard and trying so hard to get people to rock back.....like winning them over ..and it doesn't always happen.
at house shows...when everyones super drunk and ready to get stupid...its like your fighting the crowd...and trying so hard to just be able to play the songs...so yeah...its hard to say...house shows people will just come and say hi..that won't happen to much at bars shows...but bars pay better!!! oh yeah money..need that stuff.

Me: I'd personally say, all your bands are on the more intense side of the musical spectrum. Would you agree?
Joe: yes i would drew....i love fast, loud,, hard, heavy ,fucked up ,angry, ugly sounding music and i'm always searching for other people that share the same taste to play music with....i mean these bands aren't the dirtiest, fastest or gnarliest bands...but compared to indie rock or radio pop..i guess its pretty fucked sounding.

Me: Is drumming without a shirt on the best way to go?
Joe: YES IT IS...so my body does this thing. it recognizes me drumming(wich i do about once a day) as my daily exercise so it just sweats and sweats and sweats....so i have to take the shirt off...even though i usually end up using it to wipe off the sweat from my face and hands and sticks....so im not really saving it..i need a to bring a towel!

Me: You've had a busy year, releasing new music from almost all of your bands. What's the favorite thing you've done this year?

Joe: so yeah...i've played tons and tons of shows and done lots of tours...but i haven't been on many vinyl releases...thats why i moved to iowa city...TO PUT OUT RECORDS....so this year i've played on these needles discog lp, tanks full length LP epic loads, a super sonic piss 7inch and a slut river 7 inch...now i don't know if you've been in many bands at once...but i've learned that to keep it all working its good to keep thing seperate and try to not compared or choose one over the other...i love um all!!!!
but i will say i had way more to do with the whole process of make the record with the slut riv record. Recording,mastering ,dealing with pressing company....dealing with all the money stuff...anna designed the art work and i was there to help every step of the way...so im super proud of that one!!!

Me: You've played tons of live shows over the years. Do any of them in particular stick out to you? 

Joe: um......YEAH ILL JUST NAME THEM OFF. opening for at the drive in in 97,playing first ave in minneapolis(thats princes club),playing a generator show underneath an over pass in minneapolis 2010,rocking with lightingbolt 2010(got to be behind them and see everything!,
opening for the adolecents in orange county 2005,just recently slut river has played with both white lung and nu sensae two fo my fav shows of the past year...so those and lots and lots of nasty sweaty basement shows all across america!!!!

Me: There's a lot of grimy and weird stuff with all of your bands (the Slut River and SSP album covers, THe Tanks song titles). Do you think that those things are part of the aesthetic you want to bring the table? 
Joe: yes yes! you read me like a book!...i've always been in to the dark, gross ,drepraved aspect of life..i love it!! from horror movies to freaky books to death metal album covers! i love gnarly shit!

Me: Have you ever thought about the day when you'll be to old to play drums in loud punk band? Joe: well i haven't... but now that you bring it up...it kind of scares the shit out of me....i'll be able to play well into my 50's i hope. i'm gonna start a black metal band when i'm in my 40's!

Me: Do you have a job, and if you do, do you ever find it hard to have a steady job and also try to go on tour? 

Joe: Yes! i do have a job. i have always had stupid shitty jobs in and out of the time i'm not touring.... i don't really make mney from music...a bit of cash here and there but nt enough to make it.In the past i would just work fast food for a few months and quit and go on tour and when i got back...find a another fast food job. My job now loves me and doesn't mind me leaving to do something i love! THANKS NAFTALY AND OFAR! if your ever in iowa city go eat at oasis falafel!

Me: Any final comments

Joe:uh shout out to all the good bands to check out in iowa city and regionally!!! NERV,WILD CHILD,BIG BOX,LOS VOLTAGE,ZATH,ALEX BODY,SHAVED WOMEN,SOLID ATTITUDE, and CHUD!!!!!! thanks drew! my new friend!

25 August 2012

MU - "Feedback Ritual"

We here at MTYMNHKA love our drone. We own and love the Earth and Sunn O)) records and listen to whatever the newest Southern Lord release is. And with that out of the way, I would like to introduce MU. Not /mu/, but MU. He is a UK based experimental drone artist who I've been playing on my iPod for a little while. His EP Feedback Ritual is made of 3 15-20 minute songs made of just long, loud, and experimental guitar hits and feedback. And one of the things I like about MU is that with his drone, there isn't a giant sense of bass. Like on every Sunn O))) record, I think it's 2 basses not 2 guitars. But with this guy, I can tell it is just him with a guitar and ton of effects. It all sounds great together. The first track is a full on drone track, while the next one is a very somber piece played on what I believe is a keyboard. The EP ends with "Electrical Storm", another straight up noise drone track. Each track has things I love on it, which does make for a very solid group of songs. I'm tired and I don't think it looks like I could've written this article worse, so I'm gonna to bed. Stream Feedback Ritual in full up above. Highly recommended.

All Blood and Puffs Or Plumes? Release New Music

The 2 dudes I consider the best roommates ever, Jonathan Brokaw (All Blood) and Zachary Turner (Puffs Or Plumes?), have both released new stuff recently. Coming off of releases from both projects that I loved, I was excited about their new stuff. And both releases are definitely not disappointing. The new All Blood is a 15 track A Cappella record made in about 2 weeks. And being the thing that is coming after Primoroial Savant, possibly the weirdest, most manic and crazy thing I've heard this year, That's Not Me follows up perfectly. Odd, Loud, Wacky and occasionally pretty covers of that I'm really loving. I'd really recommend The Beatles cover and the JJ Jackson And The Jackals cover. My personal favorites. Great release. And now for the new Puffs Or Plumes? album. After being fairly impressed with his last EP BummerSummer, and I thought I'd know exactly what to expect for this new one. And I was definitely wrong. More experimental, ambient and pretty textures find their way to this EP beautifully. Pretty calming, for sure. And there's a few really good beats here and there. Definitely a very great new work from him. After these 2 new releases, I'm definitely super excited for the next releases from these dudes. 2 of my favorite musicians around right now. Stream and download both records for free down below. Free!

19 August 2012

Electronic Genius: Modbom's 11 Latest Releases

Alright ya'll. In January of this year, Modbom released one of our favorite albums of the year (it missed our half year list by a hairstring) Space Is A Vat Of Paint. The man behind the project, Jordan Kolbaba, is constantly releasing music. I believe under the Modbom name he has made over 30+ albums. And recently, we got an email from Mr. Kolbaba asking if we'd check out some of his more recent releases. And of course we obliged. Since the last time we had checked (I believe March), Modbom has added 11 new albums. Below, we will help guide you through his recent releases. What's what, what we think of it, and maybe a favorite track. Somethin' like that. We like Modbom.

Modbom's Most Recent Releases (Oldest To Newest)

1. Tunnels (ep)

The Tunnels EP is the first on this list. 5 tracks. It's a pretty interesting and odd beat EP, much less calm, and much more experimental hip hop oriented. I definitely like the EP as a whole, but I think the first and third track are brilliant.

2. botwa
I would describe botwa as a kind of Ambient Acid House release. Mostly more Acid than Ambient, but it definitely has it's calm moments. Awesome.

3. thePond
thePond is definitely a good follow up right after botwa. There's a bit more Acid House tunes, but this release has much more just great electronic beat making. Pretty bouncy/soothing at the same time.

4. growth and soil
growth and soil has a really cool epic and orchestral feel to it. There's some string instrumentation, pianos (haven't really heard that from modbom), and assorted added sounds and structures. Easily the best track on here is the 7 minute close "erth". I just couldn't pull myself away from that track.

5. alina
You know, in my head, I find myself thinking that "I love Modbom's stuff a lot. But nothing can really top Space Is a Vat Of Paint". I do think this EP is the one thing that comes the closest to that record. It's an EP dedicated to his wife, and it's really some brilliant stuff. It is pretty much all chiptune and dance tunes, but they all feel very original and interesting. The first track, "a", is a very pretty chiptune track, with a great 8 bit synth solo and with a reverb splashed stand upp bass in the background to keep thing in check. "I" is has a great 8 bit beat, and great orchestral and dance synths backing it. "N" has a great electric synth riff and it progresses into a chiptune wonderland soon enough. The beats on that track sorta remind me maybe.. maybe!.... a bit of Nicolas Jaar. But yes, I definitely loved this EP a lot.

6. abysmal
A very short, but just right, EP of modbom stuff. I'd definitely recommend this as maybe a good place to start if you're new to Modbom. Very bright beats and synths, and maybe a bit more accessible for those not familiar with this style of music.I love the way he subdues the drums leading up to a climax. It's a very cool way of doing things. Favorite track is "trainStations". I love the synth riff, and I love the just absolute drop towards the end: just bombastic and distorted drums, and the sythns are just perfectly hanging over them. Wow, those drums are just in attack mode on that track.

7. resolution then violence
Now, this one is one of Modbom's first releases, made under the name Valcor De Key. Unlike most Modbom's releases, this album was live recorded on an 4 track  in the upstairs of his mom's house. And considering the music that's on here, that's pretty cool. It's a fairly lo-fi, very experimental synth pop album. He even sings on every track, which we DEFINITELY don't see on almost all of his other releases. And I really like his voice on this album. I can't really come up with a comparison, but I enjoy it a lot. The album reminds me a lot of the tracks from that first Casiotone For The Painfully Alone record, Answering Machine Music (or any of the earlier CFTPA albums). Definitely enjoyed this one.

8. casiography

Anothe reissue from Valcor De Key, but it's definitely much more of a transition into what Modbom is doing now then the other re-release. Still lo-fi, electro ambient beats, and I'd definitely say that in the Modbom discography, there is no better place to start than this one. Not to ambient, no to weird, and it's just right if you wanna try and introduce someone.

9. Vocal Master
This is an album from Jordan's band Hey, The Maker. And while I'm far from being a giant fan of them, I definitely enjoyed this record. Very nice, instrumental rock music. It kinda reminds me of a more experimental The Littlest Viking. I dug it for sure. #mathrock

10. tower
tower is a very nice record. Bright, blippy, and great drum machines. I like the way how he throws in more samples on this record. just kind of adds a flavor to it. "Pulse Phase" is my favorite, just because it has an interesting sorta dubstep feel to it.

11. akuarium

Definitely a longer Modbom album (one track almost goes up to 10 minutes), and definitely an enjoyable one. There's some use of some very blippy 8 bit drum machines, and also some clean ones too. The synths are ambient synths are very pretty and beautiful. "plankton" is my favorite track, with it's 10 minute length, there's so much to be explored.

14 August 2012

Puffs Or Plumes? - "BummerSummer"

BummerSummer cover art

Puffs Or Plumes? was a band recommended to us by the wonderful Jonathan Brokaw (otherwise known as All Blood). Puffs Or Plumes?, AKA Zachary Turner is actually his room mate. So, anyone affiliated with All blood we had to check out. And after listening to Zach's newest EP, I definitely say that while I don't like everything, I definitely got some great stuff out of this. Zach's lush and slightly instrumentals are very interesting and like able. The first track, "Boredom Comes", is very shimmery and bright. "Slow Goes The Milky Way" has a great bass and some cool echo vocals. I like how on all the tracks they have multi tracked vocals, kinda Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!-esque. Unfortunately, I really didn't like 2 tracks on here at all, the second and the 5th one. I just didn't care for them. But as a whole, I really liked this release. Cool instrumentals, cool vocals, bumpy tape cut production, it's awesome. You can stream and download the EP in it's 5 track entirety above. I'd recommend it.

13 August 2012

The Answer Page - "Featureless Beast"

The Answer Page is a project that was from my town, Lawrence KS and is now relocated over in Houston TX. And once the email came into my inbox, I was excited to hear a Lawrencian submission. That in all honesty doesn't happen all the time. And so, I gave The Answer Page's latest release Featureless Beast a listen. And The Answer Page impressed me quite a bit. I personally like my indie rock nice and pretty, and this album is just that. It's 11 songs of beautiful,

12 August 2012

INTERVIEW: Son Ame Feliz

Here's a little interview we did with a friend of ours, Jeremy Panda, Otherwise known as Son Ame Feliz. Stream and buy his album below and like him on facebook here. It's definitely a good time.

Me: Please state your name, occupation, and location.

Jeremy: Jeremy Panda - All things music - Toronto.

Me: Tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes of your latest album.

Jeremy: Worked with Sean Gugula at Chalet Studios and then Darryl Neudorf on the mastering. REcorded 90 percent of the instrumentals on my own with Sean as the parrot in my ear and then Jesse Labovitz came up and destroyed the drums on the record. Over the next few months we brought in some friends to beautify everything. Melissa Cameron, Cody Elliott and Kevin Pullen (Dunes) to name a few.

Me: You've played with tons of musicians over the years. Who's been your
favorite (and/or most memorable)?

Jeremy: I basically learned guitar playing in a Celtic Duo (of all things) with Owen Pallett ( Arcade Fire) for just under 5 years. It wasn't all rock n roll all the time but I learned Rhythm and chord structures while playing behind him as the lead. He's the most talented musician I've played with ever. He'd go from a reel to a jig to Hendrix to Bach as easy as Sunday morning.

Me: Have you had any previous albums?

Jeremy: I've recorded a rough acoustic EP 11 years ago and done a ton of live low fi things. Also played on over 12 records for other bands but with this one it was time to ante up and really put things on the line. Time and energy and risk to see how it would be received.

Me: Do you have any great show memories?

Jeremy: Great Hall, Toronto, St Patricks Day with The Dunes about 5 years back. The show was packed and The Dunes stole the show away from NEverending White LIghts who were the headliners. I was playing keys there and it was a lot of fun. The show was broadcast in Ireland and HOng Kong. Favourite show attended was my first show I saw... at 15. Elliot Smith. Didn't even know who he was and now he's one of my top 2 songwriters  /  artists of all time.

Me: Your debut record as Son Ame Feliz goes over nearly every genre
possible. Did you make the album with that idea conscious in your head?

Jeremy: actually no. I think I've spent years creating in my little land of make
believe.. Some close friends call it "Pandaland" and as open as I am to influences and artistry I don't get caught in any one genre. to me it seems funny and weird and strange to pigeon hole. It's like your wardrobe.
Do you just look up what's cool and then copy everything from head to toe? you can take bits and pieces of theory and dress but you gotta make it your own.

7. Who are your influences?Jeremy: My mom bought me a Neil Young song book with my first guitar when I was 13 and I learned a bunch of his songs without ever hearing them. I think that was my intro in song structure and I started to see patterns that were consistent from key to key. Than came Nirvana, Velvet Underground, The Stones, Flaming Lips, Biggie Smalls, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Hendrix.. I guess I should stop?

8. Is there any possibility of a Son Ame Feliz tour?Jeremy: Absolutely. Im working on some fun things right now that will be exciting live. I get bored easily so stay tuned.

9. Any closing comments?Jeremy: Just thanks very much for your time and I thoroughly encourage you to keep doing what you're doing with your own vision. Peace.

/please/ - ".2." (2012)

As some of you know, I'm a member of the Living Room Visions Collective. I love being in the group, it's pretty awesome, and I love all the musicians in there. A more recent addition has been Ellen Davies of the UK, otherwise known as /please/.  One of her more recent albums, .2. is one of the best LP's I've heard this year. The album is a very somber trip through ambient music. It is just 10 beautiful songs filled with soaring synthesizer, greatly managed drum machines, and maybe some guitars and vocals in there. The album is a very easy listen, coming in at just under 30 minutes, but it definitely is one of the most relaxing and quieting 30 minutes you'll have all year. The drums have an odd delay effect put on them, the synths and guitars are filled in reverb and sound lovely. My personal favorite tracks on here are "boyzone", "hoarding disorder" and "get away get away". They're great tunes. .2.  is a great release, and /please/ is a great project. Check out the rest of Ellen's discography here and maybe cop the .2. cassette over here.

All Blood Drops New EP, Recorded In 2 Days

Primordial Savant cover art

One of our favorite musicians around right now, All Blood (also known as Jonathan Brokaw), released a new EP recently. Jonathan says that the EP was recorded in 2 days after a manic side of depression. He released it the very next day. And after inspecting this EP closely, I can say that this EP is definitely one of the weirdest things... you'll hear all year. While Jonathan's Flood record is a bit of an experimental, noisy rock record, Primoroial Savant is just wacky. "Jurassic Global Thermo Nuclear War" has Jonathan kind of doing a bit of a John Dwyer schtick, with lots of kind of crazy yelps and yells. There are multiple tracks on here that have been slowed down to just make them sound absolutely crazy. "Primal Prozac" is probably the most accessible moment on the EP. Almost all of the tracks sound sort of off beat (in a good way). Primoroial Savant definitely kind of came out of nowhere, like a crazy man in an alley, and hit me in the head with a brick. I'm totally loving this thing. It's crazy, wild, wacky, and just something. An another great All Blood release. Whoda thunk it?

11 August 2012

Sup, Muscles? - "Demo"

Demo cover art

Here's a little 2 song demo I discovered of a project from Chicago by Molly Spears called Sup, Muscles? The 2 tracks on this demo are very lo-fi acoustic tracks with a little bit of added stuff thrown in there (extra vocals, hand claps, and some extra guitars). And after this demo, I'm definitely hoping to hear more from Molly in the future. The first track, "I'm Resilliant" is sounds like a very somber acoustic jam until it sort of bursts at around 52 seconds, when a roaring acoustic strikes the air and brings the song into the light. It's a pretty brilliant track. I feel kind of emotional for almost no reason during the song. The next track, "Drinking Alone Can Only Take You So Far" is much shorter, but still very good. It starts with a sample of a couple talking, then like the first one, sort of bursts into another emo-ish acoustic track. There's some screaming on this track, which makes it feel quite gut wrenching. If there's a new band out right now that hasn't quite blown up and that you need to check out, this is definitely one of them. Sup, Muscles? is a band I hope to hear more from in the future. So good.

Top 5 Female Fronted Punk Bands (A Salute To Pussy Riot)

As I'm sure all you music people know, next week, the Russian female punk band Pussy Riot is going to have their fate decided by the Russian Court. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as I'm sure you all are. As a bit of a salute to Pussy Riot and a just a list I've wanted make, here's 5 female fronted punk bands that I love a lot. I hope you all enjoy it, and definitely leave your own list down below or on Facebook. And, leave your opinion on the whole Pussy Riot case too. I'll be interested to hear.

Demon Horse

XO Press imprint Demon Horse is a super noisy, explosive piece of work. Their album War Is Here If You Want It is loud, raging, furious, and as just a wow of an album. If you've gone through all the bands in this style, definitely check these guys out. Oh, it's somethin all right.


Definitely a much more recent band, but definitely a great one. The bands playing intense, and their front woman is an undeniable force. In their music, her voice is so... powerful and attention grabbing. It's unlike a lot of stuff I've heard before. It kind of hit me in the same way that the Matana Roberts record that came out last year (the screaming parts of it).

Melt Banana

I mean, obviously this was gonna be one here. Melt Banana is a classic band. Bambi's Dilemma is one of my favorite records. Just loud, noisy, frantic but catchy punk that is kinda experimental at times (for reference, go to their track "In-Store"). Just awesome, classical craziness.

Slut River

While Slut River is not always as fast as other bands in this style, that's doesn't mean it's any less disturbing or wild than any other of the bands on this list. Scary screams, loud punk guitars, and fairly disturbing lyrical themes. I don't usually associate Iowa with punk bands, but this band makes me think that Iowa's got some great bands up there. (NOTE: after inspecting Bandcamp, I have found that Iowa's got some good bands within it).

Arctic Flowers

These guys are a 4 piece from Portland that I've recommended on the blog before. While their lead singer doesn't scream, who said you had to scream to be punk. It's still pretty fast and fun punk. Been following them since last year. They haven't disappointed me yet.

06 August 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Harry And The Potters/Potter Puppet Pals

            Hogwarts Comes To The Art Center
Sunday night at The Art Center was dominated by laughs, wizards, kids dancing and Harry Potter puns. As you all know, Paul of Harry And The Potter's is a friend of ours (owner of one of our favorite art galleries and venues, Wonder Fair), and thanks to him, we got sidestage to the show and got snapped a few good pics of them. The Potter Puppet Pals, live from the internet, we're absolutely hilarious. Harry And The Potters, rockin'. I really could not have picked a better way to spend a sunday night. 

 The Potter Puppet Pals
As I think everyone has, I've seen an loved the puppet project of Neil Cicierega on Youtube ever since "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" came out a long time ago. Why? Because it was brilliant. (the other 130,000,000 people who have seen that video agree). Now, I was wondering how they were gonna translate to a live setting. And I will definitely say, they did it greatly. Their skits that spanned the entire HP history were totally hilarious, and made us laugh out loud... A lot. Multiple naked Dumbledore appearences, Neil as JK Rowling,  drunk Hagrid, Snape singalongs and group Voldemort hugs. Even at one point, they put wings on Snape and he flew (within the bounds of the wire in this back, or course). If you get the chance, see these guys. Oh it's so funny. Like seriously. We haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Harry And The Potters
As previously mentioned, we are friends with Paul DeGeorge, one third of the wizard rock inventors Harry And The Potters. Even though we've known Paul since last year and loved his music for even longer, we've yet to actually seen him play. Which I'm kind of ashamed of. But, we finally got that chance when they came to The Art Center. And wow, it was fun. Paul let us go sidestage to get some pictures and watch the show from there. And what we saw from the side was possibly one of the funnest shows we've seen all year. Paul and Joe bounced around everywhere, singing about the magic of Harry Potter and talking to the crowd a lot. Oh, and Paul and Joe made countless Harry Potter puns. I'm pretty sure it went into triple digits. The guys invited "the ones who believe in the rock and roll" to come to the sides of the stage to come and dance. People crowded the sides of The Art Center and danced themselves to death. At the very last few songs, The entire audience came up and crowded the stage and almost squashed each other. Even Neil Cicierega made an appearance with the Snape puppet. It was a great, energetic performance that will definitely stick with me for a while. Even though there were quite a few sound difficulties, they definitely made the most of it and rocked. If you're into Harry Potter, like rock and roll, and a fun show, you'll for sure love Harry Potters. These guys are definitely one of the most interesting bands around right now, and definitely worth seeing.