28 July 2012

Top 5 Favorite Indie Labels

Top 5 Favorite Indie Labels
Here's a small list of some of my favorite indie labels that are currently around. I'm not talking about the giants in the indie community (Subpop, Southern Lord, Polyvinyl) but more of the smaller labels that don't really get as much press, but we love stuff that they put out. In the comments of this article, or on facebook, tell me your favorite indie labels too. I'd like to hear about it.

Sunup Recordings

These guys are a tape label from [I believe] Minnesota, and everything I've heard from them I've been very impressed with. Their tapes are incredibly cheap ($4) and always very professional. I ordered my FAVRTSM tape from them, and it sounds amazing. Definitely check them out, very cheap and great abstract and experimental music. Oh, and they put out that brilliant Otto Rollo tape. So much great music. Listen and order stuff here.

Puzzle Records

This is a record label from Germany, actually. Just going through the label's discography is pretty amazing just by the amount of releases they have. Tapes, Cd's, 7"s, everything pretty much. The music itself is very enigmatic, mainly because of the fact there is nowhere you can listen to there stuff. Almost anywhere. But, just from the descriptions of the music, you can tell it's intense stuff. Noise, Grindcore, Drum And Bass, Sound experimentation, Doom, and Drone. The way I look at it is that, their stuff is so cheap (about $2.50 in America most the time), it's a nice minor investment to find out what the stuff sounds like. Also, most their tapes are hand painted and are just generally cool. Also, they have some awesome splits, often involving up 6 bands. It's just generally cool stuff. Check out here!

XO Pressings

Right in my backyard in KC there's an amazing label named XO Pressings. If you're into DIY punk and hardcore stuff, check out this label. $2 bucks for most tapes and around $12 for LP's. I'm currently trying to complete my collection of their stuff, and it's not that hard with how cheap their stuff is. It's just very intense and noisy and lo-fi Kansas City weirdness, and I love it. Features a band we've blogged quite a lot, Meat Mist and tons of others that I love. Listen to their stuff over here.

Sea Of Tranquility Records
Sea of Tranquility Records
I believe this label is just directly in Lawrence, and they have just amazing indie stuff. Some hardcore, some indie rock, post-hardcore, emo, etc. Most of their stuff is incredibly cheap (I believe their most expensive item is $8 for an LP) and totally worth it. They distribute great records, they put out great tapes and make music that I consistently find myself loving a lot. Find all their stuff here.

Whatever Forever

These guys are my friends, and they've release some of my favorite records.... Ever really. Agent X12, Karma Vision, Generals, Heartscape Landbreak, Blakey Bear, Oils, Bo And The Locomotive, South B**** Diet, and I believe Dean Monkey And The Dropouts. While that isn't really a ton of releases, I love them all SO MUCH. I've never, ever been even slightly disappointed by them. And, they make killer pizza's.

Other Labels I Love
Replay Records
Purr Tapes
Keep It Together! Records
Woozy Tribe
Le Record Machine
Type Recordings
It's A Trap! Records

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