10 July 2012

Otto Rollo: The Genre Blender

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Otto Rollo is the name for the one project of a man named David Seeber. I believe that he resides in Chicago, IL and has made about 4 releases under the name Otto Rollo. The one I'd like to talk about is his new one, Longtime. It's out right now on my favorite cassette label after Whatever Forever, Sunup Recordings. Longtime is a 30 minute track (I'm sure there are tracks within it, but I like to think about it as a track) that is a very odd genre twisting trip through a rabbit hole. If you were to compare it to someone, I would say that this guy a combination of R. Stevie Moore, Agent X12, and Public Spread The News. There's moments of weird singer/songwriter stuff with electric guitar and some vocals that seem to mutilate themselves and change tempo and pitch, there's sampling, there's beatmaking, there's ambient, some acid house, some bright rock, and it all ends with a lo-fi acoustic track with samples of opera tenors in the background. As a personal fan of every single of one of those things, I adored this album. If you're into sorta a giant collage of weird music, Longtime is right up your alley. A link to where you can buy the cassette is up above (a steal at only $4) or you could download it and stream it above. Also, if you want to check out an amazing cover he did of a Johnny Cash song down below this article. It's pretty amazing. Go Otto Rollo!

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