15 July 2012

Merlin Releases 2 Great New Tracks

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Over the last week, KC literal wizard rock band Merlin has released 2 new tracks from their upcoming record The Magician's Alliance (due this fall on my record label Sarcastic Magician Records). And I'll just say...... Wow. I wasn't expecting these. These tracks make me crazy excited for their debut LP. "Wulfcult", the first of these 2 new singles, is a pretty amazing step for these guys. It starts out with a space jam of sorts, then the track takes the turn you aren't expecting. It goes into a very quiet and creepy acoustic bit accompanied with wolf howls and thunder in the background. The rest of the track alternates between the drone/space jam and the acoustic track. I'd personally say, if you didn't enjoy their first single, you'll probably enjoy this one a little more. It's still not for everyone, their music is pretty odd and lo-fi, but this track could possibly make you like them. The next one, "Prelude Of Lost Souls" is also a variation I wasn't expecting. It's pretty much an electronic track until it bursts into a drone and then that dies down and it the track it self dies too. It's also pretty great. It's reported to be the first track on the album, and I think it's the perfect track to begin it. I'm very excited for The Magician's Alliance and I'll do a review of it once I hopefully get a preview of it. You can pre-order a big bundle of it via our webstore up above. The big pacakge is $30, but if you don't want to spend that much money, singular pre-orders are available too! Get it while it's hot!

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