01 July 2012

Merlin: A New Breed Of Wizard Rock

Originally invented in the early 2000's by a friend of mine and his brother now known as Harry And The Potters, the genre of wizard rock was made famous by people in Gryffindor costumes singing songs about Harry Potter. But, for those who aren't into teen wizarding saga's, and you're more into magic from Lord Of The Rings or World Of Warcraft, in walks Merlin. Loud, roaring metal/hard rock tracks that feature tons of various instrumentation and odd stories about ghouls, zombies, and wizard told from the voice of what seems to be a mans voice brought to a bass tone low. Their new track "Into The Tomb Of The Dark Warlock" is an 8 minute hard rock jam about a war in a ghoul's cave. The lyrics are kind of dark. It's definitely not for everyone, but I'm liking it. Merlin's new and I believe first full length LP will be coming out sometime this year on an undecided record label.

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