15 July 2012

LFDF Recap Part 1: The Jackpot Pre-Show

Recap of Lawrence Field Day Fest Part 1: Pre-Show @ Jackpot
Hello everyone! It's been a while! To get us back on track, we're gonna give you something you'll probably like. One of MTYMNHKA's great friends that's in one of our favorite bands, Quinton Cheney of Panda Circus (seen to the side, creepin' at The Overlook) is writing an article for us on the Lawrence Field Day Fest that unfortunately we couldn't make it to. The first part of it is about the Pre-Patrty Show that happened at The Jackpot Saloon July 5th w/ The 7 Degrees of Steven Egerton, Drag The River and locals Stiff Middle Fingers. Enjoy! (Quinton will be writing 2 more articles on LFDF and he might be a part time writer for us. More coming soon!)

NOTE: Currently, we haven't found any photo's to use for this article, so sorry for that. If we find some and that person will let us use them, I will definitely update this for you guys. Thanks for understanding. - DREW

Howdy! Quinton from Panda Circus here with my first ever MTYMNHKA article. It’s been a week since the Lawrence Field Day Fest, and this is likely not the first you’re reading about it. If it is, well, maybe you’re not a Lawrencian (or maybe you’re a hermit-in-training). Regardless, here is part 1 of my rundown of the awesome local music lovefest*. Thursday: The pre-party for LFDF was held at The Jackpot, and was the least local-centric portion of the event, featuring Fort Collins, Colorado’s Drag the River and ex-Descendants/All guitarist Stephen Egerton, currently of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kicking off the evening were Lawrence’s own Stiff Middle Fingers, a local supergroup that started as a punk cover band but has been injecting originals into their setlist as well. They’ve been known to do an entire set Descendants covers, so they were primed and ready when Egerton jumped up on stage and added a second guitar to the mix. Other highlights of their set include frontman Travis Arey’s tendency to take his extra-long mic cord and wade through the crowd, their killer cover of Love’s “Seven & Seven Is,” and a new original they debuted that paired Travis’s spoken word rant with a constantly-shifting rhythm section (that description doesn’t do it justice, but it’ll have to do until they provide us with a recording). Drag the River were next, taking thing down a notch with their Son Volt-esque alt-country stylings. My girlfriend Bailey and I were impressed enough to pick up two CDs, and they definitely hold up. But don't take my word for it: check them out for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kbfxDQPoXY The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton rotated through several singers without mishsing a beat. First up was Cameron from Stiff Middle Fingers. I’ve seen Cam sing with The Dead Girls and Many Moods of Dad, but never without a guitar strapped to him. While his delivery may be a tad bit more restrained than Travis’s, he still did an excellent job keeping the crowd engaged (and, needless to say, nailed the vocals). Next up was a friend of Stephen’s, followed by each of the singers from Drag the River. The entire show was super fun and entertaining, though I have to admit that, for some reason, I've never owned a single Descendants album. I did just pick up All's Mass Nerder, though, which I suspect will be the start of a long and awesome Stephen Egerton binge. *At least, what I remember

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