16 July 2012

INTERVIEW: Desert Soap

Desert Soap is a great up and coming band from Chicago. We got to talk to the front man Primo Mendoza and ask him a few questions. Definitely go like them on Facebook and also stream one of their songs below. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, occupation and location.

Primo: My name is Primo Mendoza. I'm a musician and I live in Chicago, Illinois.

Me: Tell us about you guys and the members of Desert Soap.

Primo: I had the idea for the band and started it. I play bass and acoustic guitar. I'm a Pisces. Michael McSherry is the other member of Desert Soap and he plays acoustic guitar and B-bender. He's an Aries. We share the songwriting and lead singing responsibilities equally. Thus far, we have each written 9 songs for the group. Sometimes we play as a duo and sometimes we have a guitarist/bassist and drummer sit in when we want to peform as a full band.

Me: Have you guys released any albums?

Primo: No, but do have two official recordings you can purchase off of our Bancamp page. Finishing an album is definitely a priority for us though, and we'll be back in the studio soon. 

Me: You guys seem to tour a lot. Where's your favorite place to play and what's your best concert memory at one of your shows?

Primo: We've played in Illinois, Nebraska, California, and Michigan but we actually haven't been in on any extended tours. My favorite place to play is wherever an audience is appreciative and the venue treats us well. My favorite concert memory took place last weekend as a matter of fact. We played outdoors at Cafe Gulistan, a Kurdish restaurant in Harbert, Michigan. The weather was beautiful and the diners, who ranged in age from infancy to elderly, dug our sounds.

Me:  You guys recently just had your 2nd Daytrotter session. How was that?

Primo: Terrific! We recorded that back in December. It's great to do Daytrotter because the results always sound good and we reach people we wouldn't have otherwise. Those guys are doing a very cool thing, of course.

Me: What's your biggest influence musically?

Primo: For this band, I would have to say that my biggest musical influence is Bread.
Crosby, Still, Nash, and/or Young, the early Eagles, and the Clarence White-era Byrds are among the other groups who have inspired us.

Me: If you could collaborate with any band, who would it be?

Primo: If this is a fantasy question, I would say the Monkees, because Peter Tork seems to have thrown the best parties back in the day.

Me: What are Desert Soap's plans for the rest of 2012?

Primo: We hope to make it much easier for our fans who have not yet discovered us to do so. We want to continue recording our album and perform to a wider variety of audiences in a wider variety of places. We want the public premiere of our psychedelic feature-length band film We've Gotta Fly to go well and we hope it gains wider exposure as well. Generally speaking, we want to establish ourselves as the world's foremost hippie soft rock band.

Me: What's your songwriter process like?

Primo: I'm not very prolific. I need emotional inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. When I am ready to write, I usually have a feeling in mind I want to express. I start strumming some chords and more often then not the words and the melody come together at roughly the same time. Michael is better at starting songs, he can do it by experimenting with instrumental things.

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