19 July 2012


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Here's a nice little interview I did with KC's own Jonathan Brokaw of All Blood. He's released an album this year that actually wound up on my favorite albums of the year so far list. We talk about his latest album, house shows, and drunken talks with King Khan. While reading it, definitely listen to the MTYMNHKA's approved record Flood down below (definitely turn your volume down before you do that though). Hope y'all enjoy it!

Me:  Please state your name, location and occupation?

Jonathan: My name's JB, from KCMO, and I cook things that were once alive and bang out noises onto old recording equipment for a living.

Me: What is All Blood? Who else is in it?

Jonathan: All Blood is pretty much just my name for all the songs I write. Occasionally I've been backed up live (my friend Megan helped me for a bit, but now we're in an entirely new band all itself), even then it's usually just me.

Me: On the most recent All Blood tape "Flood", pretty much ever track is super loud. How'd you get it to sound like that? And tell us a little more behind "Flood"s recording process.

Jonathan: I used a $75 Yamaha 4-track with a knock off SM57. Besides the equipment snag, the real trick to that ridiculous sound was to basically ignore the pleas of my 4-track by recording completely at peak levels. Then I tried to mix out some of the pure noise so the individual tracks would still be noticeable. I like this style because it makes the whole of the song attack in one big solid form, while keeping it from sounding like pure static. You get the panning/mixing benefit of isolated tracks, without them sounding seperate and noodely. You can also pull some wicked and completely random tones everynow and then. It's almost like getting extra instruments without having extra tracks.

Me: What's your biggest musical influence?

Jonathan: It's hard to say. I really like Devo, and some of the washed out sounds of Matrix Metals or James Ferraro. The Intelligence, The Gories and Current 93 were important to this album, but so were Thanksgiving and Mount Eerie. Most things have an influence on me, so I'll stop here before I namedrop to oblivian.

Me: Do you prefer House Shows or Shows At Actual Venues?

Jonathan: House shows, definitely. They're more intimate, more fun, more memorable and more wild. The only setback is the difficulty of getting enough money for touring bands.

Me: Your mildly related to the folks over at XO Pressings, mainly for the Troost DIY Compilation. What's your favorite release from them?

Jonathan: Everything Meat Mist. The Robert Plant's Dingleberry tape is pretty great too (Will and Dan are both completely insane), and the Thin Man Wig's Out by Sneaky Creeps is really well recorded. Also, the Demon Horse tape, because I was in that band.

Me: Any memorable show memories?

Jonathan: I got really drunk at Garage Fest and heckled King Khan. Demon Horse played a show in Boston where we were up to our necks in drunk punk hooligans, trying to keep our amps from being knocked over while playing one of our best sets ever. It was wild and I got butt naked later that night. I've seen a fair share of fires and vandalisms at shows, but I'm a good kid and would NEVER do that. 

Me: What was the last album you listened to before this interview?

Jonathan: The Dicks - Hate The Police

and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pQtHhNIr4&feature=youtu.be

Me: Is their any possiblity of a All Blood tour?

Jonathan: god, I hope so. I'm trying to buy a car and set up a good live act, possibly with my room mate and friend Zach who records under Puffs or Plumes, and maybe with some loop pedals. Before that, I'm sure this weirdo garage punk band I'm in with Megan Karson and Carrie Thomas will tour. I think the name of that band is Cell Walls. We have no idea what the hell we're going to call it.

Me: Who are some of your favorite KC bands?
Jonathan: Meat Mist, Dark Ages. Der Todesking were cool, but who knows what they do now. Lazy. The Sperm were great, and I wish I could have seen them live. Mosquito Bandito is this awesome dude who plays awesome songs all by himself. He's a beast. My favorite of all time was White Bitch. Sneaky Creeps are good, but I wish they would practice more. Maybe that's besides the point? Whatever. Also, shout out to Folkicide. Oh! and The Conquerors and The Scammers.

Me: What plans do you have for the rest of 2012?

Jonathan: I just helped my friend Burnie/Folkicide record an entire lo-fi and stripped down, folk punkish version of Queen's Night at the Opera. We're going to finish mixing down in a couple weeks. I'm also helping my friend Pat Rocha record a tape for his project Dragon Tears. I'm also planning on recording a split between my friends Kelsey and Taylor. I'm hopefully going to make one or two music videos for All Blood and finish recording an album that I hope to earn enough money to press to vinyl, as well as a tape of a capella covers of pop and punk songs. My friend Alyx Poska's going to put that out. Um, and that Cell Walls band will probably record a demo? We'll see. There's alot to do before the world ends in December.

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