09 July 2012

Dear Rabbit: Folk Music From 1930

Photo by Sally Boyd

Dear Rabbit is a band from Colorado. They have released one debut record, They Don't Love The Songs (Wil-Ru Records) and have been touring endlessly since 2011.  These guys were recommended to me by the beautiful people over at The Larryville Chronicles. I definitely recommend their debut record. There take on wacky folk music is very oddball and awesome. Very similar to another band I love, The Peculiar Pretzlemen. They use accordion, horns, I believe a clarinet, maybe some acoustic guitar, some honky tonk piano's, banjo, brass and also some very strong drumming that works perfectly with their songs. Also, their vocalist is awesome. Picture the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco, but as a drunk cowboy singing these songs. If you like that description, you'll love this band. I love it. Their debut record is available on all formats  on Wil-Ru Records. Definitely go grab a copy of it. There's a link to it through the stream above. Click the album cover and it takes you to their bandcamp page.

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