18 July 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Tropical Punk w/ Bird Law, Baby Boomers and Jon Fitzgerald.

A Great Night Of Rock At The Overlook

Last Saturday, we went to The Overlook to go see a nice little show. And that we did. After myself, my father, Quinton of Panda Circus and his girlfriend Bailey waited out on The Overlook porch for about an hour for the show to start (Oh, Lawrence), the basement opened up for the beginning of the show. Tons of great musicians graced the "stage" of The Overlook last saturday. Lucky for you, person who probably went to go see Liars at The Granada, me and Quinton are here to recap the nights events. Enjoy....

Quinton's Opening Thoughts:

I didn't go to The Overlook last Saturday to see Tropical Punk, or any of the other bands playing that night. It's not that I didn't WANT to see them, just that the show was completely off my radar until Drew texted me about it. Someone forgot to tell me about liking The Overlook on Facebook, I guess.  

"Where exactly is this place?" 

I hadn't realized Bailey hadn't been to an Overlook show before, though it's not like I've been to more than a few myself. Which is a tragedy, considering that I always enjoy myself. I was supposed to go see Bomb The Music Industry! and Stiff Middle Fingers there last summer, but I ended up taking my dad to see Steely Dan that night instead (it was his birthday present, and totally awesome). But I digress. 

                                         Jon Fitzgerald

Me: Jon Fitzgerald opened up the show. He played pretty amazing actually. His voice was very bluesy and growly and his guitar playing was equally great. He began with a cover track, and it was just the sounds of infinite fun. Everyone sang and howled along with him. He also did a re-worked Rolling Stones cover. That was pretty awesome. His lyrical writing skills on his own tracks were pretty well displayed. His set was pretty short (probably about 25 minutes), but he made the most of it. People packed the basement for it, and they all loved it.

Quinton: Jon Fitzgerald first. He had a crazy awesome voice, one with a growl and volume and damn near perfect pitch that combine into quite the captivating instrument. His music was, sadly, not available in any kind of recorded format, but I snagged a video of an excellent re-imagining of The Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden." (link coming soon).

                                        Baby Boomers
Me: Now, I'm personally a huge fan of Baby Boomers. Friend of the blog Nate Shobe recommended them to me because he knows the guys in the band. Their Tapes EP is pretty amazing. Although the crowd for their part of the show kinda sucked (for some reason most people went up upstairs at this time, don't know why) , and was the reason they had a 30 MINUTE SOUNDCHECK, Baby Boomers still played great live. They were super loud (I kept myself side stage to ovoid my ear drums getting ripped to shreds) and just straight up rockin'. They also got some good jammed on. Oh, and their drummer is terrifying. I really have never seen a drummer just destroy his drum set since seeing Generals back in March at Wonder Fair. The crowd sucked, but these guys still killed it.

Quinton: I snagged a picture of Baby Boomers, featuring Jon Fitzgerald fronting a guitar and drums garage blues duo. Good stuff, really energetic. I didn't see most of the set because I went off wandering in search of a bathroom and ended up talking to the guys playing MTG upstairs. What I heard through the floor was pretty stellar, though.

                                                                                               Bird Law
Me: One of the reasons I really wanted to go to the show was that it was Nick Powers last show at The Overlook for a while. The drummer behind one of my favorite Lawrence punk bands Beta Maxx, Nick played behind the kit Saturday for his new band Bird Law. It's him on vocals and drums and a girl named Elise Atkinson on vocals/a dirty, feedback filled bass. I only caught about 4 songs, but those 4 songs were just.. some abrasive punk rock. Super loud, fuzzy, fast and fairly ear splitting. Bird Law is moving from The Overlook to Nashville very soon. I wish them the best in their journey through America on their tour that their going on later this year.

                                                        Tropical Punk
Me: Like previously said, I left around the time Bird Law was half way threw their set. I missed Tropical Punk's set. I was fortunate enough to talk to the dudes in the band for like 20 minutes before Bird Law's set. They were awesome guys, as you can tell by the beautiful picture I got of them above. I got a copy of their cassette, and I've loved it so far. Luckily, since I wasn't there, Quinton was around to tell us a bit about their sound. Read it right below.

Quinton: And then there was Tropical Punk. Garage surf punk masters from Nashville, these guys should have way more than 165 likes on Facebook . They swagger and wail like The Redwalls, churning out picture-perfect throwback rock powerful enough to make Kings of Leon question their deviation from the cause, to make The Deadly Snakes wonder why they ever broke up, to make Murder By Death wonder why they aren't touring with Tropical Punk right. now. Their first album is laced with Lo-fi vocal lines and sing/yell-along choruses; bouncy, snakey walking bass lines; thundering, driving drums. They've got jangly guitar chords and overdriven solos that are a bit sloppy but catchy as all get out. They know how to straight up kill a 3/4 drinking song, and, most of all, try as hard as you might, you couldn't possibly have as much fun as them. Trite as it sounds, these guys ARE the party. Check 'em out at http://tropicalpunk.bandcamp.com/album/ends-of-the-world.




  1. Hello, Is there a website for bird law music?
    Thanks a lot


    1. indeed there is. They have a demo EP up (http://birdlawband.bandcamp.com/album/demo-12, and they're currently working on a real debut EP. They are also going on tour right now, and you should definitely see them if you can, because they're much better in person. Incredibly loud. (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=393753360684863&set=a.367646709962195.85679.361004917293041&type=1&theater)


  2. Thanks for the links :)It will be hard to se them in live, I'm from France :) but I can imagine.I think music is always better in live:)I also want to say that I follow your website since several months now and it's a very interesting website :)


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