24 June 2012

Skraeckoedlan: Embracing The Low End Frequencies

Skraeckoedlan is a Swedish group of dudes who are creating some nice slow hard rock music for the abstract listener. These guys play/sound quite a bit like a metal band. But, there's some more stuff than that going on on there new album Flyken fran Tellus + Varldarnas Fall. These guys stretch and drag out songs very well, and really experiment with their tracks too. The beginning of the 5th track has some acoustic guitar slipped under the electric guitar that is riddled in a speedy tremolo sound, constantly being interupted by some rumbly bass hits until it finally breaks into a metal jam. These guys play like an experimental sludge band inspired by the Foo Fighters, but sped up. There new record, that I will not try to type again, is a cool experience of low ends, odd experiments, and fast paced Sludge sounds that sound like they're inspired very much by groups like Electric Wizard and Sleep. Check it out!

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