13 June 2012

The Rest Releasing "SEESAW" Next Week

The Rest-Always On My Mind Video

After the sonic experiments of Sun Sweet Sun, we move to indie rock group The Rest. They are releasing their second LP, SEESAW, next week. They have been releasing a song every week up to next week, so there is only one song not there. I got a special download of it for me being me, but I do recommend you go buy this. It's a bit pricey for the vinyl ($28 for a pre-order), but It's a pretty amazing animal. It kind of sounds if Margot And The Nuclear So And So's, Bon Iver, Heartscape Landbreak, A Lull, and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! got together and made a huge collaborative effort. The album is amazing, and you should go support these guys for the sake of music.

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