15 June 2012

My Overview Of The New ELHR Newsletter

Whenever Enemies List Home Recordings sends out an email newsletter, it's usually for a good reason. A new one came out a few days ago, so I'm just gonna go over the stuff that they talked out and give you my opinions on them.

Have Your Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" CD Pre-Order
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Go Pre-Order It Now!
The absolute best in the ELHR catalogue is now permanently being kept in stock on CD. Today, they're doing 300 initial pre-orders and then just keeping it in stock constantly. I do think this is a very good idea, because usually when you miss ELHR pressings, you just miss it until a year or so later when it get's repressed. At $19.99 though, it's a bit pricey, but I do think it's fair when you find out WHAT's IN IT. It comes with a 100 page booklet and is in a 6 panel case with a full ink printing on it. I didn't even know a 6 flap CD case existed. So yes, i do think that this was a smart move by ELHR.

The Last 30 "Deathconsciousness" Vinyl Going Out This Monday
This was a story on how the last of the HANL vinyl was going to go up on the store this Monday. I personally will not even bother trying to get it. 1) I know it'll come at a high price, and 2) those 30 will go like hotcakes. I won't really even bother. I would love to have it, but It'll be gone REALLY FAST.

"No Love Lost" Shirt Pre-Order
No Love Lost - Shirt
The shirt looks cool, but I won't be buying it. But, if you know what the shirt is and what to pre-order it, you can do that today here.

New Giles Corey EP "Deconstructionist"

This is probably the one I'm the most excited about on the newsletter. Giles Corey put out an amazing album last year, and this EP I'm hoping is just as good. Described as "Experimental compositions and Classical music layered over each other, with some snippets from his well received first album", that makes me even more excited. It's going to be coming only digitally for $5 in the upcoming months. I'm pretty excited for it.

Only 46 Dweller On The Threshold Vinyl Left!
Dweller On The Threshold - "self-titled" Vinyl Preorder
The Dweller On The Threshold vinyl pressing pre-order is currently running low! 46 left. I really want to buy one, but the frickin' thing is $30, so I don't see myself buying this soon. But, if you liked their debut album like myself, you will probably want to get this.

Planning For Burial's "Quietly" Coming Soon...

Planning For Burial's album Quietly, after having a brief limited cassette release is coming out on ELHR sometime soon. While I'm not jumping up and down about this release I'd say that this will be a pretty good album and I will be interested to hear it. I've heard it described many times, and I'm lovin' the descriptions. I'm gonna go back and listen to some of his earlier stuff later on so I can fully gauge my excitement for this.

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