03 June 2012


A loud and interesting beginning to my summer concert season.

Tonight was a very interesting night. For many, MANY  
reasons. I don't really want to get into it right now. But, I did eventually end up catching a show. I got to see the band Long Shadows at the Replay (pretty big milestone for me, considering I've been trying to get in there for forever). I wanted to see the group from KC The Sneaky Creeps, but the show started an 1.5 hours after it was supposed to. So, I only got to see the opening act. But, it was still pretty awesome.

Long Shadows
Long Shadows is a pretty intense live act that I would recommend seeing if you don't have anything to do, and if they're in your area. They played a very solid set of post-rock tunes that definitely weren't for everyone, but they sounded incredibly loud and played very good. The band members are all very good at their instruments. The drummer is definitely a creature to take note of. He beats his drums so hard that really kind of have to prepare yourself to hear if it, unless you've seen bands like Sunn O))) live. The guitarist/vocalist at one point began shredding his guitar against the amp. The bassist was a very interesting person with some pretty cool lookin' hair. He created a very some very big feedback towards the end of the show. The second guitarist, the wonderful Brett Grady from Monzie Leo And The Big Sky was barely audible over the noise at points, but he was the definitely the most experimental man in the band. There are very good live act, totally go see them. But, you might wanna bring some earplugs.

Sneaky Creeps
As previously stated, I originally wanted to see the band Sneaky Creeps at The Replay last night. But, the show as way later than I thought and we only saw Long Shadows. You should still listen and buy their second EP below. Still don't know how they sound live. :(

By the way, I would like to give a huge shout-out to Seth Weise of Dry Bonnet who was literally the only way I got into a strict 21+ bar last night. He was really awesome about it. And Seth, since I'm pretty sure you'll read this, I'm just gonna say thanks one more time. :)

The band's lighting choices of red, blue, green and white strobe light made it often very hard to take pictures, but I caught a few good pictures.

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