10 June 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Hospitality w/ Spirit Is The Spirit and Monster

Gettin' Awkward w/ Hospitality

Hospitality brings warm vibes to Lawrence

At 10:00 sharp, the Jackpot Saloon became a place for some great indie music. The night started with the one man project Monster, had the 6 man constantly changing Spirit Is The Spirit, and ended with the tight NY sounds of Hospitality. The crowd, the bands, and venue provided a perfect soundtrack to a warm Friday night. It was great.


The one man band Monster opened up the show. He was an incredibly talented and complicated looping artist who made some very solid tunes. The bass got a bit loud at times, but Monster knows how to make some great songs. Each track was very drawn out, very tight, and fairly catchy. A lot of the tracks were very dreamy and reverb filled, and sounded a bit like Heartscape Landbreak. But it's very shocking when you think that it's only one person doing all of this. He's very great live performer, and you should totally go see him sometime soon.

Spirit Is The Spirit
After a pretty long stage set up, the 6 piece monster of a band that is Spirit Is The Spirit took the stage. They played a very dancy set of rock, and it was very pleasant to the ears. There was some experimental moments too, they would jam from time to time, but everything they did seemed to keep the crowd happy and dancin'. They were pretty awesome. Also, they had 2 guitarists/vocals, a drummer, a drummer/guitarist/vocalist, a keyboard/trombonist/vocalist and a bass/trombone player. If that isn't a recipe for some interesting rock music, I don't know what is. By this time, The Jackpot was filling up to see these guys and Hospitality, so there was a pretty full crowd at this point. And they were all havin' fun.

Everyone was gettin' pretty excited for Hospitality to come one. I haven't really given their latest release a good listen, but this show really made me want to listen to it. These guys brought some very great musicianship into some very catchy indie pop/rock tunes that could make anyone happy. They played very tight and quick. They just seemed kind of adorable. I only got to stay for 3 songs, but they were 3 really great songs that left a pretty good reason to go see them again if they came back to my area. They were great, and even if you didn't like their new record, you should definitely still go check them out.


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