22 June 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof

                    Wow: The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof at Liberty Hall
Last night, I witnessed The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof at Liberty Hall. It was my first time seeing both bands. And I'll come out and say this right now: this was the best show I've ever seen in my life. I understand a lot of people in the crowd were on their 5th Lips show, or 10th Lips show. It totally makes sense. Seeing these guys live is definitely gonna be one of the most amazing experience you will probably ever experience in your life.

I'll be perfectly honest and say I'm not incredibly familiar with Deerhoof. Going in, I was naturally interested because of all the great things I've heard about them. I bought their record Deerhoof Vs. Evil on pink vinyl for $12 so I'm gonna listen to that now. I totally understand the praise for these guys after seeing them live. They were incredibly energetic, ear shredding, and just plain awesome. Their Japanese lead singer Satomi Matzusaki was an odd treat than kinda reminds me of a less crazy Yasuko Onuki of Melt Banana or Seiji from Guitar Wolf. Her bass playing was also pretty solid too, and I dug it. I was right next to the bass/vocals amp, so I could judge it pretty well. Their 2 guitarists John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez were pretty crazy dudes. Ed solo'ed a ton and John kinda kinda kept songs together a bit more than anyone else in the song. Drummer Greg Saunier was a crazy person. He destroyed his drums almost entirely and was just a hilarious person. Also, Kliph from The Flaming Lips/Lawrence Ks (Hometown hero!) came out and banged on the drum set a bit. The band was playing some catchy tunes at point and then would just burst into random noise jams that were just manic and crazy. They were jumping and soloing and just being awesome. I totally enjoyed all of their set. Definitely go see Deerhoof live if you get the chance.


     The Flaming Lips
Ok, this was my first time experiencing The Flaming Lips live. After about 30 minutes of teasing and testing, the show began. The band entered and the epic began. The band entered through the giant screen, and then Wayne Coyne entered in the giant hamster ball. After a quick move to the middle of the crowd, I got to touch the hamster ball. Oh wow, it was awesome. It felt so outer-worldly and so amazing and this was literally in the first minute of the show. Then they started with "Worm Mountain". Oh wow, it was amazing. It's my personal fav Lips song, but I doubted that they would play the song. And they opened with it. Oh wow. Then they played "She Don't Use Jelly". The crowd continued flipping. The show just rolled on and on and on for over a 90 minutes filled with just overflow's of amazingness. They busted out giant laser shooting hands, a gong that lit up into a million colors when you hit it, literally tons of giant freaking balloons and confetti, dancers, exploding giant confetti balloons and their amazing stage setup with constant visuals and amazing lighting. They played so many great songs and great jams and a new song too. They played 2 encores. One of them was with Deerhoof, and they played a King Crimson cover. That was amazing. Then, they came back out and played "Do You Realize???". That final 11 minutes of "Do You Realize???" was so incredibly beautiful. People in the front row were crying. It was probably the best song of the show. 

The Flaming Lips were incredibly loud, incredibly bombastic, jammy, noisy, catchy, and amazing in person. Just every single thing about the show was mesmerizing. I really can barely describe the experience in words. I kinda got very tired of people just saying how amazing they are live, because you hear it so often, but it's the absolute truth. No matter how much the tickets cost you, The Flaming Lips are the band you must see before you die. It was the best show I've seen in my life. Easily. Wow. 




  1. i am on a mission to find a video clip from this night right before they played Yoshimi and Wayne dedicates it to a girl named Jessica...anyone have this??

    1. I don't believe any has any videos. The only ones I'm aware of are the vids of them and Deerhoof and one of "Worm Mountain". Sorry. :(