11 June 2012

Bands I'm excited about seeing at #LFDF

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If you live in Lawrence, Ks like myself, your already getting psyched for an upcoming concert. No, not The Flaming Lips! But Lawrence Field Day Fest is coming up on the horizon on July 5-7th. I'm just going to do a quick list of bands I'm very excited about seeing for the first time at #LFDF. I'm very interested in all of the artists playing, but these are the ones I NEED to see. Hope you Enjoy!

Sex Tapes

This is easily my most anticipated act at #LFDF. The group contains members of The Spook Lights, Dry Bonnet, and Fag Cop. With some great practice demo's on the internet already, I'm very interested to see what this supergroup is like live.

Panda Circus

Panda Circus' has been one of my favorite local acts on record and one of the nicest bands I've talked to a lot. I'm excited to finally see them live.


Rob is one of the nicest guys ever, and I loved his "Dead With It Ep" that he released last year. The ex-Baiowolfer seems to always have some good live shows, so I'm also excited to see him live finally.

Dean Monkey And The Dropouts

The modern doo-wop group Dean Monkey And The Dropouts is one of the few bands bringing the 50's straight to the internet age in style. They recommended my blog once, so I think it would be good to return the favor. Also, I'd love to see what outfit they'll be wearing.

Melting Pot Of Bronze

There has to be SOME metal on this list.

Deco Auto

I just have a feeling that this band will be fun to see.


The trio of St. Joseph, MO brothers have been slowly making some waves through the local scene. I'm quite excited about seeing them too.

Many Moods Of Dad

Any project involving a Dead Girl to me is exciting. Based off of their Asap EP, I'm thinking their show should be pretty good.


  1. RADKEY!!!!!!!
    it's all about Radkey.

  2. You rock, man! Thanks for spreading the word!