13 June 2012

Atherton = My New Favorite White Rapper

Atherton is a 29 year old rapper from Ottawa, Canadia. After finally listening to this (this was the submission I accidentally put off the longest, and I feel bad for that), I can honestly say that this is one of the best solid rap album I've heard this year so far after Nehru Jackets (It's still behind The Money Store, but that's barely a hip hop album). Atherton combines some great live band sounding beats, great storytelling and rhyming and  a good pop sensibility that could make really anybody like them. I could see my hipster friends enjoying this, and also my radio pop friends enjoying it too. That description may or may not have turned some people off, but Atherton's 2nd LP after a collaborative effort is a great release that's very smooth, nice and shiny album that you can turn off your brain too and chew the bubblegum choruses or sit down and think/listen to his stories and rhymes. Do it!

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