29 June 2012

Emo Side Project on Tour!

Go See!

One of our fav acoustic/emo indie group Emo Side Project is going on a tour this summer starting this August 1st in Chicago, IL. He is touring with Lion House (A former member of the band Summer Handjob) and is currently still being planned. 8 dates have been planned and more are to be announced. You seriously need to see these guys live. It will be awesome. Excited!

28 June 2012

Meat Mist Interview!

KC Hardcore Punk act Meat Mist has a new LP coming out and are going on tour behind it next month. Here is the long delayed interview that I did with the trio. Check out 4 tracks from their upcoming LP Smut below.  I got a free preview of it, and WOW. It's intense.

Me: Please state your names, occupations, and locations.

Meat Mist: Dan, James, and Stephen. All living just off Troost in Kansas City, Missouri.  All currently UNEMPLOYED so we could drag SMUT across parts of USA on a tour we're booking for this summer.

Me: Alright, so you have you have a new 12" coming out soon, Smut. Can you give some insight on the recording and release?

Meat Mist: OH SURE! Recorded the whole bad boy live at my neighbor Neil's house.  Tracked all 14 songs in a night and it sounds pretty much exactly how we wanted it to.  We are releasing it ourselves as the first Vinyl pressing for our KCMO label XO PRESS on JULY 24th.  Gonna be a big wicked house show in KC for it that night!

Me: Your live sets are usually pretty intense, and often involve a lot animal blood. Can you explain that?

Meat Mist: I mean.... it is called MEAT MIST.  We could just stand there all normal like we do in all our other bands, or we could get people to throw around weird animal parts.  Figure people probably enjoy the spectacle, I do at least.

Me: Where's your favorite place to play?

Meat Mist: Anywhere out of town. I love KC but we play here all the time and it's way more fun to play to fresh faces and meet new freaks and weirdos. Really prefer basements and other places where there are NO RULES and ALL AGES.

Me: What is XO Pressings?  

Meat Mist: Glad you asked!  XO PRESS is a collaborative effort of us meat boys and couple close friends that releases KC Tapes, Books/Zines, and now Records too! All started with our first release of the TROOST DIY compilation of 25 KCMO bands that all live about a mile from each other.  All of our bands we've ever been in have self released all of our own tapes so we just started doing them for a bunch of really awesome KC bands after that.  I think right now we've done about 15 different releases since the beginning of 2012 and are about to put out the SMUT LP.  Our focus has mostly been on music stuff, but we're starting to get the books and zines rolling now that we have a lot of projects we've planned done.

Me: Who are some of your biggest music influences?

Meat Mist: For nerds like us, this is a HUGE question.  I like Hank Williams, I like Brainbombs and a HUGE pile of stuff in between. My biggest influences are just the musicians who don't give a f***. They made a record because they're out of their skull and they need to get those demons out, or maybe they just really needed to shake their ass to forget about all the bullshit that makes them insane. Real honest music that expresses real s***.

Me: If you could do any unlikely collaboration with any artist, who would it be?

Meat Mist: We're working out a collaboration with my friend William from Robert Plant's Dingleberry, but I couldn't imagine us doing anything with anyone else.  Gonna be SO NOISY and probably awfully heavy.

Me: Who are you voting for for the 2012 election?

Meat Mist: ....NOT voting. LOTS of reasons why. We all HATE the capitalist spectacle.  Think I'm just gonna leave it at that.

Me: What is Sludged Blood?

Meat Mist: Name of a demo tape we did for our LP.  It just means COAGULATED BLOOD like after too many sticks of butter and fried dinners when your arteries go to hell.

Me: Any closing coments? 

Meat Mist: I'm glad you're so interested in all these things at a young age.  STAY COOL

24 June 2012

Skraeckoedlan: Embracing The Low End Frequencies

Skraeckoedlan is a Swedish group of dudes who are creating some nice slow hard rock music for the abstract listener. These guys play/sound quite a bit like a metal band. But, there's some more stuff than that going on on there new album Flyken fran Tellus + Varldarnas Fall. These guys stretch and drag out songs very well, and really experiment with their tracks too. The beginning of the 5th track has some acoustic guitar slipped under the electric guitar that is riddled in a speedy tremolo sound, constantly being interupted by some rumbly bass hits until it finally breaks into a metal jam. These guys play like an experimental sludge band inspired by the Foo Fighters, but sped up. There new record, that I will not try to type again, is a cool experience of low ends, odd experiments, and fast paced Sludge sounds that sound like they're inspired very much by groups like Electric Wizard and Sleep. Check it out!

Kyle Kaos: Lo-Fi Rock Swag

Kyle Kaos was recommended to me by the band Radiator Hospital. His debut 16 track record Acute Control came out just yesterday. Click the widget to go to his Bandcamp for more info on buying a cassette. $5. I'd definitely recommend buying this record. Acute Control is a really just awesome sounding mix of Pop/Rock/Garage Rock/Electro/Lo-Fi music. I'd probably call it Lo-Fi Power Pop music. It sorta reminds me of a less dark version of that new Trash Kids LP, or maybe even Trash Kids first record from this year Headdancer. If you're in the mood for some bouncy, lo-fi, and slightly electronicly tinged rock n' roll music for 2012, check out this record.

22 June 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof

                    Wow: The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof at Liberty Hall
Last night, I witnessed The Flaming Lips w/ Deerhoof at Liberty Hall. It was my first time seeing both bands. And I'll come out and say this right now: this was the best show I've ever seen in my life. I understand a lot of people in the crowd were on their 5th Lips show, or 10th Lips show. It totally makes sense. Seeing these guys live is definitely gonna be one of the most amazing experience you will probably ever experience in your life.

I'll be perfectly honest and say I'm not incredibly familiar with Deerhoof. Going in, I was naturally interested because of all the great things I've heard about them. I bought their record Deerhoof Vs. Evil on pink vinyl for $12 so I'm gonna listen to that now. I totally understand the praise for these guys after seeing them live. They were incredibly energetic, ear shredding, and just plain awesome. Their Japanese lead singer Satomi Matzusaki was an odd treat than kinda reminds me of a less crazy Yasuko Onuki of Melt Banana or Seiji from Guitar Wolf. Her bass playing was also pretty solid too, and I dug it. I was right next to the bass/vocals amp, so I could judge it pretty well. Their 2 guitarists John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez were pretty crazy dudes. Ed solo'ed a ton and John kinda kinda kept songs together a bit more than anyone else in the song. Drummer Greg Saunier was a crazy person. He destroyed his drums almost entirely and was just a hilarious person. Also, Kliph from The Flaming Lips/Lawrence Ks (Hometown hero!) came out and banged on the drum set a bit. The band was playing some catchy tunes at point and then would just burst into random noise jams that were just manic and crazy. They were jumping and soloing and just being awesome. I totally enjoyed all of their set. Definitely go see Deerhoof live if you get the chance.


     The Flaming Lips
Ok, this was my first time experiencing The Flaming Lips live. After about 30 minutes of teasing and testing, the show began. The band entered and the epic began. The band entered through the giant screen, and then Wayne Coyne entered in the giant hamster ball. After a quick move to the middle of the crowd, I got to touch the hamster ball. Oh wow, it was awesome. It felt so outer-worldly and so amazing and this was literally in the first minute of the show. Then they started with "Worm Mountain". Oh wow, it was amazing. It's my personal fav Lips song, but I doubted that they would play the song. And they opened with it. Oh wow. Then they played "She Don't Use Jelly". The crowd continued flipping. The show just rolled on and on and on for over a 90 minutes filled with just overflow's of amazingness. They busted out giant laser shooting hands, a gong that lit up into a million colors when you hit it, literally tons of giant freaking balloons and confetti, dancers, exploding giant confetti balloons and their amazing stage setup with constant visuals and amazing lighting. They played so many great songs and great jams and a new song too. They played 2 encores. One of them was with Deerhoof, and they played a King Crimson cover. That was amazing. Then, they came back out and played "Do You Realize???". That final 11 minutes of "Do You Realize???" was so incredibly beautiful. People in the front row were crying. It was probably the best song of the show. 

The Flaming Lips were incredibly loud, incredibly bombastic, jammy, noisy, catchy, and amazing in person. Just every single thing about the show was mesmerizing. I really can barely describe the experience in words. I kinda got very tired of people just saying how amazing they are live, because you hear it so often, but it's the absolute truth. No matter how much the tickets cost you, The Flaming Lips are the band you must see before you die. It was the best show I've seen in my life. Easily. Wow.