30 May 2012

REVIEW: Trash Kids

REVIEW: Trash Kids-Get Lost

Rating: 9.5/10

Good Music, yeya!

This is the latest record by experimental dance/electronic act Trash Kids. After releasing a mini album earlier this year, Headdancer (Loved) and an EP, Fade Ghost Fade, we get their first full length LP, Get Lost. And I'll be honest when I say this thing is pretty amazing.

There was some kind of evolution within Trash Kids between this and Headdancer. The production has improved ten fold, and i would even go as far to say that the tunes themselves have improved. This album feels much more experimental and emotional, but also very catchy at the same time. "Calmer Than You Are" is a just such a smooth ride, with a very hummable piano line and some very haunting and eerie vocals towards the end. "Fantastic Time" feels just like some straight up disco. "Shallow Graveyard" is a bit of a headbanger at first, sounding like a heavy hip hop beat, but the track suddenly turns into this rather disturbing electronic trip that sounds emotional, but no so much that you can't snap your fingers along to the weirdness. "Super moon" is a pretty out there track containing a narrative by Kazu Nagahama that is just... crazy sounding. "Nightflashes" is a great groovin' track. "Goodbye, Cool World" ends the album perfectly as a tribute to the intro to this album. It has a great electric piano riff and a very disturbing sound that sounds like a electronic voice of somekind just descending into hell. It's a track that reminds me of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ala "9-15-00 Pt. 2."

I really can't find any problems with this LP. The emotion is there, the experimental side of this band is here, and the grooves are here. The production here is pretty amazing. Every single song has something interesting to offer you. It's really a great release that makes me incredibly happy for this band and their future. I've reserved one of the 10 cassette copies of this record and am excited to (eventually) get it in the mail. Go get it. Like now.


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