30 May 2012

REVIEW: Reggie Watts

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Artist: Reggie Watts
Album: A Live At Central Park

Rating: 6.9/10

*Elaborate Drum Beat*

Reggie Watts is one of the best, if not the best, one man band looping projects out there right now (sorry Emily Wells). I'll be honest when I say I love Reggie Watts. But, I do love him enough to say that while this is a good release, it's not his best material.

I'll start out with the things that I think are great, because it's still Reggie Watts: I'll always be entertained on some level. "Reggiohead", while a bit lengthy, is a pretty hilarious parody of Radiohead. I even love Radiohead, but it's pretty hilarious to hear him mimick Thom Yorke. "New York City" closes out the album perfectly with it's upbeat tempo and happy lyrics. "Crab Cakes" is easily his best weird comedy bits. "NYC How You Be?" is a perfect intro. "Humans" is the albums most experimental beat track. "Having Sex" is this album's "F$%@ S#@% Stack".

My problem with this album is that it's really not as... funny or as experimental or as interesting as some of Reggie Watts other songs. If you want to hear him at his best, definitely listen to his Daytrotter session or his songs that he did on The Conan Show. There are some really brilliant works on there. On this album, a lot of the comedy, particularly on the first several tracks, kinda falls flat. And I don't really expect that from Reggie. But, there are some great things on here.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Reggiohead, So Good Yeah
LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Parade Of Silliness, Time, Tweet Yourself Right

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