26 May 2012

REVIEW: High Diving Ponies

REVIEW: High Diving Ponies-Suspended In Liquid

Rating: 8/10

Hey guys. After reviewing the flaming turd that was Fox Bombs, I thought I'd review something good. This is the new High Diving Ponies record, Suspended In Liquid. This is the KC shoegaze rock 4 pieces' 4th LP. While it might not be quite as interesting or experimental as their previous LP's, High Diving Ponies sticks to their guns and they do it right.

"Ersatz" begins the album. It's a very great song that is dark, but also incredibly melodic and kinda beautiful in parts. And from the that moment on, you can tell that these guys can right a catchy tune. From the uplifting 'Burning House", to the crazy "Black Holes", and the darkly atmospheric "As Long As I Don't Get Old", this album just shows how High Diving Ponies know how to write some great songs. There's something to be liked on almost every track.

I have one gripe for this record. If you go back to the other records in High Diving Ponies discography, particularly to the record Fractals In Heat, you will find much more experimentation. This record isn't nearly as experimental as their previous records. But, High Diving Ponies are really great musicians who know how to keep up making great music. While Suspended In Liquid is no Fractals In Heat, it is still a very solid record of solid songs that you should check out.

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