31 May 2012

Sun Sweet Sun-"Planet Earth (Single)"

Another band that was sent into me. This is a new track by a band from South Carolina named Sun Sweet Sun. It is a cosmic, swirly, and beautiful ride through space in an old convertible. In other words, this is an awesome track. I hope it leads to a full length album sometime soon. Download it above! :)

Cosmic Sound-"VHS Vision"

So, the other day when I recommended that great FAVRTSM tape, I got contacted by the folks over at the great music website Decoder. They told me about another project of theirs. They run a record label, Crash Symbols, and gave a free download of their latest release, Cosmic Sound's VHS Vision. I would totally recommend this to anyone who's into electronic music. Like, all of it. There's sampling going on here, indie dance music, ambient, and some chiptune-ish sounds. It's pretty awesome. I'm thinking of buying the cassette myself. :) Support these guys!

Buy it on bandcamp!

30 May 2012

REVIEW: Reggie Watts

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Artist: Reggie Watts
Album: A Live At Central Park

Rating: 6.9/10

*Elaborate Drum Beat*

Reggie Watts is one of the best, if not the best, one man band looping projects out there right now (sorry Emily Wells). I'll be honest when I say I love Reggie Watts. But, I do love him enough to say that while this is a good release, it's not his best material.

I'll start out with the things that I think are great, because it's still Reggie Watts: I'll always be entertained on some level. "Reggiohead", while a bit lengthy, is a pretty hilarious parody of Radiohead. I even love Radiohead, but it's pretty hilarious to hear him mimick Thom Yorke. "New York City" closes out the album perfectly with it's upbeat tempo and happy lyrics. "Crab Cakes" is easily his best weird comedy bits. "NYC How You Be?" is a perfect intro. "Humans" is the albums most experimental beat track. "Having Sex" is this album's "F$%@ S#@% Stack".

My problem with this album is that it's really not as... funny or as experimental or as interesting as some of Reggie Watts other songs. If you want to hear him at his best, definitely listen to his Daytrotter session or his songs that he did on The Conan Show. There are some really brilliant works on there. On this album, a lot of the comedy, particularly on the first several tracks, kinda falls flat. And I don't really expect that from Reggie. But, there are some great things on here.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Reggiohead, So Good Yeah
LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Parade Of Silliness, Time, Tweet Yourself Right

REVIEW: Trash Kids

REVIEW: Trash Kids-Get Lost

Rating: 9.5/10

Good Music, yeya!

This is the latest record by experimental dance/electronic act Trash Kids. After releasing a mini album earlier this year, Headdancer (Loved) and an EP, Fade Ghost Fade, we get their first full length LP, Get Lost. And I'll be honest when I say this thing is pretty amazing.

There was some kind of evolution within Trash Kids between this and Headdancer. The production has improved ten fold, and i would even go as far to say that the tunes themselves have improved. This album feels much more experimental and emotional, but also very catchy at the same time. "Calmer Than You Are" is a just such a smooth ride, with a very hummable piano line and some very haunting and eerie vocals towards the end. "Fantastic Time" feels just like some straight up disco. "Shallow Graveyard" is a bit of a headbanger at first, sounding like a heavy hip hop beat, but the track suddenly turns into this rather disturbing electronic trip that sounds emotional, but no so much that you can't snap your fingers along to the weirdness. "Super moon" is a pretty out there track containing a narrative by Kazu Nagahama that is just... crazy sounding. "Nightflashes" is a great groovin' track. "Goodbye, Cool World" ends the album perfectly as a tribute to the intro to this album. It has a great electric piano riff and a very disturbing sound that sounds like a electronic voice of somekind just descending into hell. It's a track that reminds me of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ala "9-15-00 Pt. 2."

I really can't find any problems with this LP. The emotion is there, the experimental side of this band is here, and the grooves are here. The production here is pretty amazing. Every single song has something interesting to offer you. It's really a great release that makes me incredibly happy for this band and their future. I've reserved one of the 10 cassette copies of this record and am excited to (eventually) get it in the mail. Go get it. Like now.


New Dubb Nubb Track + Music Video

Right in time for their summer tour, Missouri's Dubb Nubb released a new track, entitled "These Great Lands". It comes tagged with an interesting rural music video. No word on a new record yet, but I'm keepin' my fingers crossed.

28 May 2012

Gunpowder Fatty Demo EP

These guys are a Des Moines 4-piece rock group. They were recommended to me by the wonderful people over at The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. I would definitely recommend checking out their demo EP. I think with some improved production in the future, Gunpowder Fatty could become kinda popular. I dig it.

27 May 2012

Stream/Download the new Trash Kids LP

Click The Picture!
So, the new Trash Kids LP comes out tomorrow, and you can stream and download it now on their bandcamp page. I've been playing it, and it's... Pretty great. Possible review soon.

26 May 2012


I discovered this album just today. It's by a New York musician named FAVRTSM. His album, Tape I, is a very interesting and dark piano record. This guy is a pretty good piano player. While the album is not greatly produced, I dig this record quite a lot. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

REVIEW: High Diving Ponies

REVIEW: High Diving Ponies-Suspended In Liquid

Rating: 8/10

Hey guys. After reviewing the flaming turd that was Fox Bombs, I thought I'd review something good. This is the new High Diving Ponies record, Suspended In Liquid. This is the KC shoegaze rock 4 pieces' 4th LP. While it might not be quite as interesting or experimental as their previous LP's, High Diving Ponies sticks to their guns and they do it right.

"Ersatz" begins the album. It's a very great song that is dark, but also incredibly melodic and kinda beautiful in parts. And from the that moment on, you can tell that these guys can right a catchy tune. From the uplifting 'Burning House", to the crazy "Black Holes", and the darkly atmospheric "As Long As I Don't Get Old", this album just shows how High Diving Ponies know how to write some great songs. There's something to be liked on almost every track.

I have one gripe for this record. If you go back to the other records in High Diving Ponies discography, particularly to the record Fractals In Heat, you will find much more experimentation. This record isn't nearly as experimental as their previous records. But, High Diving Ponies are really great musicians who know how to keep up making great music. While Suspended In Liquid is no Fractals In Heat, it is still a very solid record of solid songs that you should check out.

13 May 2012

Interview With Sean Bergman

Photo by Fally Afani

Here's A Recent interview we did with one of our favorite locals, Sean Bergman of Muscle Worship.

Me: Please State Your Name, Occupation and Location.
Sean: Sean Ward Bergman, LFK, technical director.

Me: How many bands have you been in?
Sean: That's a tough one. I've been in bands since I was 14. Probably a dozen or so.

Me: Has there or will there ever be a Sean Bergman solo album?
Sean: Anything Is Possible. Atone at Tone is probably the closest thing I've done to a solo project. There were a ton of people in that band over the years, but I wrote almost all the songs. Never had a proper release with that band though. Most of the songs I wrote with that band were way too personal. Eventually, I had to hard of a time separating myself from them to enjoy them. Very rarely, I will perform solo and play some of those songs. Laying it all out there by yourself is a difficult thing for me to do. I've always been pretty shy, believe it or not. Muscle Worship is the exact opposite. I get to write songs about the most ridiculous thins I can think of, be as over the top as I want to be. Very little of it is personal.

Me: Muscle Worship is your main project right now. Can we expect anything new anytime soon?
Sean: I have been wanting to just play guitar in something for awhile now. I love to write words, but my first love was guitar. There are a couple folks around the local scene that I have kicked around starting something new with, but nothing has materialized yet. Summer always affords me a lot of time. Anyone need a guitar player?

Me: Who is your favorite local band?
Sean: Crap. That's probably the hardest question yet. I love Fag Cop, even though I'm not cool enough to know when they're playing. JabberJosh is fun to see. The rapport of the Gunnerson brothers always makes me smile. I've enjoyed watching Mouthbreathers come into their own. Kyle writes really great songs. Dry Bonnet tears up something fierce and is better each time I see them. Major Games is made of up of dudes from bands I loved. Even though this band is a whole lot different, I still hits me the way those old bands did. Approach is one of the best performers around. Love me some Up The Academy too. Nature Boys and Long Shadows are the latest bands to impress me. You can tell how hard they've worked.

Me: Do you think Lawrence has a great indie scene?
Sean: I think I just answered that, but I'll elaborate further. This town has always been a musician town. That's what got me to move here in the first place. There's been so many new bands to come out in the last few years, and their all great. Just listen to the Cheap Beer comp. There's not a bad song on it. My only complaint would be the push to label Lawrence as a new garage rock scene. Sure, there are a couple bands that can be called "garage", but that's just a recording aesthetic at best. It feels more like a marketing ploy then anything. It's fast becoming the new lucrative catchphrase in American independent music. I remember garage rock being for old greasers, not kids looking for new music.They used to have garage rock conferences in Vegas for godsake. Mouthbreathers, Dry Bonnet, Up The Academy, Nature Boys. They're all punk rock to me. You don't have to blow smoke up my ass for me to like that. We've got so much more variety than that though too. The Hips are amazing and really original sounding. Hospital Ships are out there touring and representing Lawrence in a big way, so are The Appleseed Cast, Cowboy Indian Bear, The Roseline, and JabberJosh. It's the real deal here. Musicians work hard in this town. 

Me: In an interview with the Larryville Chronicles, Kyle from Mouthbreathers said they're not near as loud as you guys or a band like Major Games. How do you feel about that?
Sean: Haha, he said that huh? Well, that seems to be the most common word to describe us in our reviews. In fact, if you want to google us and not get a bunch of weird porn, look up "Muscle Worship Loud". Billy and I both have a tradition of loud bands. When we were young and going to shows, bands pushed a lot of air. I remember seeing The Jesus Lizard @ The Bottleneck and leaving with my ribs crushed and being deaf in both ears. That kind of antagonism toward the audience is appealing and kinda a guilty pleasure, not gonna lie. That being said, we're not trying to be a loud band. Nathan hits his drums really hard and we use a lot of amps and live looping and whatnot, so it's really an arms-relay race. Major Games has the same problem. i will say that we're trying to find a happy medium that lets vocals come through a bit better. We've even been quite enough lately to play outside at the Replay. It's pretty weird, but we did it. We're always gonna be pretty loud though.

Me: What is your best concert memory from a show that you've performed or seen?
Sean: Finally, an easy question. 11 years ago, Proudentall played a house show while on tour with Ten Grand (known as The Vida Blue at the time). It was in Grennsboro, NC. The place was packed with drunken college students and highschoolers. Our set ended up with a cop's flaishlight in my face. Somehow, after the cops left, Ten Grand busted out one of my favorite performances I've seen from them. The whole house just exploded while they were playing. Afterwords, both bands ended up in a drunken argument out back. Pornography was burned. No one was spared. Pure epic fun, as everyone should have on tour.

Me: You went to SXSW this year. How'd that go?
Sean: We went last year too, but missed our show due to van trouble in Dallas. i think we had the typical SXSW experience for most new bands. Played our showcase at noon to mostly people from our hometown. Spent a ridiculous amount of money getting there and back. That whole scene seems pretty far removed from anything that I thought t would be. Not many people going out to go see new music anymore.Just labels trying to license their bands' music and people standing in line all day. We made the most of it. Saw some really good music. We ran all over creation to do it, but we made it happen.

Me: What plans do you have for this summer?
Sean: Working on the house. Taking my grandfather, mom, and sister camping in the mountains. Playing some shows out of town in June. Muscle Worship is finally putting out it's full length record. just got the final mixes a while back and I'm excited to finally finish it. We'll be writing the next one over the next couple months. Just about every musician I know is recording/writing this summer. There's bound to be a lot of new music from Lawrence this fall.