15 April 2012

REVIEW: Death Grips

REVIEW: Death Grips-The Money Store

Rating: 9.3/10

Oh my, this is not pleasant to my ears.

Death Grips is a rap trio from California consisting of rapper Stefan Burrnett, and insane beat producers Andy Morin and [from the band Hella] Zach Hill. They released a mixtape last year, Exmilitary, which has grown on me a lot since I first listened to it. This is their first major label release, and after a slew of singles, I'm finding that this thing is still very awesome.

This LP reminds of Sunn O)))'s Monoliths And Dimensions. While it contains the band's previous intensity, it also has some more interesting and expirenmtal sounds than their lasrt record. While Exmilitary also contains very interesting and abrasive music in it, this LP keeps it up perfectly. From the disturbing reverse vocals and effects on "Blacjack" to the distorted bass explosion on "Punk Weight", this album just continues to improve upon Exmilitary's instrumentals. Not everything here is depressing and abrasive though. "Hustle Bones" and "Punk Weight" have some very interesting pop vocal samples in them, making them double interesting. But, for the most part, these instrumentals will kill you if you're not ready for them. The swirling flubbery sounds on "Lost Boys", the odd glitchy electronics on "The Cage" and the bass explosion on "Punk Weight" will prove my point. Also, I love the dubstep-esque sample on the chorus of "The Fever (Aye Aye)".

The album starts off with the very different "Get Got", which has the lead singer/rapper actually kinda laid back. I like how atmospheric the song is, and it begins the album just right. After that, the album [just like Exmilitary], just declines into insanity. "Double Helix" literally makes no sense at all. It just goes insane.

From the great production, amazing and disturbing beats, and horrifying vocals, The Money Store is a perfect follow-up to Exmilitary. I am very excited for the next album Death Grips is releasing this year, NO LOVE. This record is awesome. Go buy it on the 24th.

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