20 April 2012

Neil Fridd from The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt Interview!

*Photo by Jessica Saint-Bair

Here's a recent interview we did with one of our new favorite people, Neil Fridd from The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!.

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Me: Please state your name, occupation, and location.
Neil: Neil! Rockstar! Everywhere!

Me: Can we expect a new Terror Pigeon record anytime soon?
Me: Yes! In the fall! I'm listening to the mixes right now! The sh**'s dope! It's like f******g church with dance moves.

Me: You recently went on tour with one of our favorite groups Netherfriends. How'd that go?
Neil: Kick A**! Shawn's a babe! It was awesome to see him and the dumbstruck looks on everyone's faces every night for a month.

Me: Terror Pigeon is known for its insane and super cool live performances. What is you and your bands inspiration for these?
Neil: We just want to have the best party every night till we die. And not just like streamers and s***, just heart, love and s***. Everything is in service of that goal.

Me: What is Little Ruckus' relation to Terror Pigeon?
Neil: We shared a womb. Now we rock apart, but are always together.

Me: Where's you favorite place to tour?

  • Murfreesbo, TN
  • Milawaukee, WI
  • Petersborough. ON
  • Everywhere in Florida
  • The Silent Barn in Queens NY (RIP)
  • Hailfax, NS
  • Clemson, SC
  • Prague, CZ
  • Tokyo, JP
Me: Before you answered these questions, what was the last album you listened to?
Neil: Drake's Take Care.

Me: I can empicture a message in your music, but what is it in your opinion?
Neil: It's about making out with everybody and being honest and never giving up. 

Me: Who's some of your favorite artists (and some that inspired Terror Pigeon?)
Neil: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Buce Springsteen, Blastoids, and Religious Girls. 

Me: What's your favorite thing to eat before a show?
Neil: A mountain of water. I barf if I eat before a show. 

Me: What do you want to day to all the kids out there?
Neil: Do your thang.

Me: What is your most memorable tour moments?
Neil: I got to hold a woman I deeply loved on a ferry on the black sea. That trumps all bathroom dance parties, mountain festivals, and $1000 sushi dinners I'll ever have. 

Me: Give us some inside on the recording of HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!
Neil: We recorded it in an old school house in Brooklyn that smelled like fish all the time. None of use knew what we were doing. Everyone sang. This man named Joel made it not sound like s***. I loved it so much but that was a long time ago. Our next one will blow s*** up. We got guitar solos and s***. 

Me: Favorite Movie?
Neil: Angus.

Me: Favorite album?
Neil: Paul Simon's Graceland.

Me: and finally, the most important question of all....... Favorite color?
Neil: Purple. 

Neil: Big love man! Thanks!

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