07 April 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Guitar Wolf w/ Transistors, JabberJosh, and The Sl*ts

"It's been a long time no see! LAAAWRENCE KANSAAAAAS!"-Seji of Guitar Wolf

So, as some of you may know yesterday was my bday. I celebrated by making a home studio in my room, going to Java Break at 5 in the morning, and saw a little band called Guitar Wolf. The Japanese punks are making their way through a MASSIVE spring US tour, and we got to see a massive show of awesome rock bands. Here's my review of all the stuff that happened.

The Sluts
We arrived right on time to witness the rock madness that The Sluts last night. I love Ryan (front man), have met him once before last night, but I had yet to see him and his drummer Kristoffer Dover play a show. And let me tell you, I see why I Heart Local Music advertise these guys a lot. They combined perfectly punk, noise, blues, hard rock, and just pure rock-n-roll for a really loud and occasionally disturbing set. Kristoffer was a pretty powerful drummer (each bass drum hit was like a heartbeat), and Ryan did a lot of effects and great guitar playing. Ryan has the best weird singing voice you will ever hear also. His voice, the roaring guitars and the paralyzing drumming were constantly battling for my ears. The set had some less accessible moments, but this is still a band I'd recommend you go see. Also, the best song [I knew the title of] during the set was "I Want You To Die" , because it was my favorite track from their demo. Their last track was the best one I didn't know the title to.


We've recommended the Gunnerson Brother's literal drum-and-bass before, and we were glad to finally see them live. JabberJosh played an incredibly loud set of sludgy metal that was a practice in something I like to call "Ear Obliteration". The best song was probably "Sticking Together Is What Good Waffles Do" or their last song. Sam (bassist/singer) was an incredibly energetic frontman, constantly hunching over the mic and throwing his bass up and down. Will  was an amazing drummer too. While The Sluts drummer's bass drum felt like heartbeats, his cymbal hits felt like being shot. Both Will and Sam are really solid musicians, and I would recommend them to you if you want a very ear splitting, routy, and sludgy set from 2 cool guys, go see them. Oh, and Sam asked if their were any birthday's in the house. So guess who got an extensive list of people who were born on my birthday and the paper that Sam wrote it on? It's me...

When I went up stairs to the "backstage room" to get my Guitarwolf vinyl signed, I also "sorta" met the guys from Transistors. I didn't get to talk to them much, but I did later, so it was cool. At first, I thought they were locals, but no. They are from NEW ZEALAND. Perhaps you didn't read that right: NEW
FREAKING ZEALAND. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is. The Transistors played a very enjoyable set of Garage Surf Punk set that i really enjoyed. They also gave me a happy birthday wish, which was awesome. Definitely go check them out, because they are super nice and play some really good songs. Also, there lead singer/guitarist freaked out a lot. He pulled his guitar over his head constantly, and at one point jumped off the stage and played in the crowd. He made a lot of noise and amp noise and at the end, he left his guitar of upside down on the amp and let the feedback engulf the venue for about 20 seconds before clicking off all the pedals. It was awesome. The bassist was really solid and fast. The dummer and second singer was pretty awesome and also very fast and pretty loud.. I talked to the bassist after the show, and he was super cool. And the lead singer gave me a free button.

Guitar Wolf
As I said, I got to get my Guitar Wolf vinyl signed, and briefly met the guys from the band. They were incredibly chill, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect from their show. After a 20 minute wait after some soundcheck, I saw possibly one of the craziest sets EVER. I was on sidestage, and it was insane. The lead guitarist spit at the ceiling, tried to use his guitar as a laser, and just created some incredibly loud punk tunes. They were all rocking leather jackets and pants, and they opened the set with some thunder, then a very drone-esque intro, then some chanting music + fog machines, and then the music started. It was crazy. There is definetely an odd and cool novelty to these guys and I'm glad I got to see them. They we're awesome. Definetely go check them out next time they're in your area. Unfortunately, I only got to see one or 2 songs (because I to get up early and they started at 12), but just that was enough to make them the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Thanks To Everyone Who Wished Me A Happy Birthday, and Rob Schulte, who let us in for no cover charge. Also, thanks to Guitarwolf and their roadie for signing some of their vinyl for me.



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