21 April 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Ghosty and The Hips

Ghosty + The Hips = Solid Indie Rock Concert
After a disappointing night in Kansas of high winds and no tornadoes, we decided to go see the Ghosty LP release show over at the awesome Love Garden Sounds record store. It was my second time seeing Ghosty,
and my first time seeing the local super group The Hips. Both bands made for a very solid night of indie rock.

                                             The Hips
The Hips is a local supergroup that is known for their awesome tunes and innuendo filled lyrics. And they definitely didn't dissapoint. The smooth keyboards and light guitar and bass work made this a very fun ride. The guys in the band are really nice too. I would recommend them to anyone who's in the mood for a nice indie pop/rock show. Go buy their cassette. 

Now, we've seen Ghosty live before [with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin], and it was definitely fun to see them a second time. I love their rock/pop tunes that have a slight-ly dark tinge to them. We only got to stay for a few songs, but they were a few really great songs. Andrew Connor has a perfect voice, their use of effects was very strong, and their drummer is a best. Take a listen to their latest LP below.


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