20 March 2012

REVIEW: Odd Future

Artist: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All
Album: The OF Tape Vol. 2

Rating: 2.4/10

Blrrfff..... Hey Guys.

Odd Future. Tape 2. I really don't know how to preview this review. Odd Future is a group I've been incredibly mixed with since forever. I had a moderate love for about 5 of the OF tapes. Goblin was really bad, and they've been fairly silent with new material until a couple months ago. I'm just gonna try and go track by track, and we'll see what happens.

"Hi." is just a very average intro that just features a guy saying obscenities and telling us the story of Odd Future we've all heard a million times. "B*tches" is bad, because it has a very bad beat, it was very under-produced, and the flows weren't very good either. "Ned Flander" is easily my least favorite track, because it has that Goblin production that killed some of the album to me and actually kinda annoyed me. And plus, the whole song was just very weird to me, and not in a good way. "Ya Know" is pretty good, even though i really can't tell who is singing on it. "Forrest Green" is just an average party rap song. "Lean" is easily the best song that features Hodgy and Domo, because their flow is actually half decent in comparison to the rest of their stuff on here. "Analog 2" is possibly the best track on here, with a lot of nice soothing R&B. "50" is a MellowHype track, and it sounds exactly like that "GunSounds" track but just more intense. "Snow White" is just that Wolf Gang obsessed track that I get bored with very quickly. "Rella" has easily the best beats, with the distortion affecting strong synth bass hits, It's very admirable. The raps are... um, ok. Hodgy's verse is pretty fair, Domo's was really bad, and Tyler's was a bit too confusing. Starts and stops, and just a bit too.... I'm not sure. "P" has some good production and fun rhymes on it. "White" is a very solid Frank Ocean tune.
"Hcpad" is, uh, it sucks. I like "Sam" because it has a nice Bastard-esque feel. "Doms" is another bad one. "We Got B*****"... Um, I don't know what's going on on this track. Really bad vocal mixing, and it all just adds up to something very overwhelming. "Oldie" is this albums best track, and I'll tell you why. It's the perfect trip back to the old days when I enjoyed OF.

The overwhelming amount of inconsistency in the production and just overall amount of good songs make this album just a muddy mess of tunes. Some of them are great, but most songs are killed from the awful production and all the bad swag tracks on here.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Oldie, Rella, Analog 2, White
LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Doms, We Got B******, Ned Flander, Hcpad

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