20 March 2012

Monzie Leo Interview!

Here's the recent interview we did with the man, the legend, the beast, Monzie Leo.
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky Website

Me: Is it true that we'll get a new Monzie Leo And The Big Sky album soon?
Monzie: It will be in the form of a tape. It's going to be put out by 808newyork. And it's gonna have some fresh songs on it. It's in honor of the Kansas hermit Hugh Cameron. One of Lawrence's founding fathers.

Me: How do you fell about the Kansas underground music scene?
Monzie: A wave of constant changes tastes and inspirations. You shouldn't have to fill out a tax form when you play a venue.

Me: Who are some of your influences?
Monzie: My dear friends and bandmates: Robert Knapp and Brett Grady. Gordo Conrad, Olassa is a local favorite. I just love John Fruciante's solo work and Charles Manson's album. Darkthorne, and good ol' Tom Waits.

Me: Are you going on tour anytime soon?
Monzie: Just got back from a tour of the south. Went with a band called Bosco, from Louisville Kentucky. My guys didn't come with me and that left me a tinge lonely. But they would've been able to fit in the gypsy wagon I called home, and it was a cheaper ride. There was Red Bull and Devo hats the whole way and I pooped in Loretta Lynn's kitchen. Another tour is in the works. At least in my brain. I need to talk to a map.

Me: You're seen in Downtown Lawrence a lot. Where's your favorite place to go?
Monzie: I like desolate place where few people are. But I am no doubt a frequenter of many establishments. 

Me: How would you describe your style?
Monzie: I always call it true Kansas cult folk. Being a longtime Black Metal enthusiast, it had left me with a desire to make something satanic, geographic, and lo-fi, but not completely Black Metal. That's the first CD. Crude samples and me in just a really bad place. I realized later that I was channeling Charles Manson. I've looked up to Fenriz from Darkthrone for years, and he also works at a forestry department in Norway or something. Between that influence and Hugh Cameron sitting in a tree, that's how we got the album name: "Here's To Hugh. A eccentric Lawrence tree dweller" Monzie Leo has turned more towards helping people that have acknowledged the suffering plague of their sometimes tormenting thought process. In part because of Hugh's existence.


Me: You brother in law, Ben Rumback, taught you how to sew a killer taco. Is it true that you sell those at your shows?
Monzie: We try to keep our merch table pretty gypsy, and sometimes we have appliqued taco patches, sell like hotcakes. Cheaper than la familia. Literally.


Me: What's you favorite album of 2012 so far?
Monzie: Another Band I really enjoy as an inspiration: Earth came out with Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light Part 2. Inside it, it reads in latin: be not afraid of the universe. That notion tickled my cranium pretty well. 

Me: If you made a side project, what would it be?
Monzie: DOOM METAL!!!

Me: Excited for any upcoming shows?
Monzie: On the 29th of this month we're playing with The Roseline, at their CD release show at The Replay. All of our other shows can be viewed at monzieleo.com

Me: Any Final Statements?
Monzie: Be not afraid of the universe!!

NOTE: some of the stuff Monzie said didn't make much sense. This is my best interpretation of what he said. And to Monzie, I apologize for the stuff I may have gotten wrong.

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