10 March 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Generals and Heartscape Landbreak

"Put your slow jam pants on"-Taylor Holenback
It has been 2 months and a day since I've been to a show. I was very happy that seeing Generals and Heartscape Landbreak was my return to the concert scene.

Show: Generals Pizza Power Tape Release show w/ Heartscape Landbreak
Venue: Wonder Fair

This show was filled with lots of very cool people and music. Seeing as it was a Wonder Fair show and a Pizza Power/Whatever Forever show, it was an abnormally intimate and social show. Jordan Geiger, Sean Bergman, Fally Afani, Rolf Peterman, Paul Degeorge, Taylor Holenback and lots of other cool and awesome people could be found in the audience of around 30-50. The pizza that was cooked up in the backroom was also awesome. Well, on to the performances.

Heartscape Landbreak
Hospital Ships/Colony Collapse star Taylor Holenback's project Heartscape Landbreak was the first person to play. The pizzas where rolling in and out of the oven, so I missed their first song, but came promptly out when the Pepperoni was done. These guys played really well, creating a very loud set of atmospheric and experimental indie pop. While there song structures were a bit predictable, they made up for with their massive amount of effects and just emotional music. It was very nice to listen to. I was surprised at the amount of energy these guys had at some times. The only bad thing was that they had some wonky moments in there sound, but other than that they played a good set.

When Generals took stage and started playing, there was a loud and atmospherical feel to them. It honestly shocked me at how these guys played. Lots of effects, lots of volume, and super long songs. They played for often 10-20 minutes at a timeThey finished of with a song that lasted FOREVER. Everytime I thought they would stop the song, they just brought it into a new direction. The vocals often made my ears ring, because they where filled with shouts and cries and it was at times very hard to listen to. I was having  trouble with standing at some points in the show. I really don't have to many gripes about the show. Oh, and there drummer? A FREAKING BOSS. If Heartscape Landbreak's drummer killed it, the Generals drummer tortured it like it was in a Saw movie and then gave the body to Hannibal Lecter. In short, an amazing drummer.

Congratulations to Generals for their tape release, and to all the bands for making this a very enjoyable show.


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