25 March 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: I Heart Local Music's Birthday Show

MTYMNHKA's  Late Night Music Adventure    
What do you get when you add lot's of local music+a birthday show+tons of local musician? Well, you get an amazing night, but also MTYMNHKA's experience at the I Heart Local Music birthday show. We met plenty of people, heard and saw plenty of bands, and just had a pretty good time. There a lot of events that went on at downtown Lawrence last night, and we got to experience some of them. Let's go.
Before The Show
Before we went to The Bottleneck for the IHLM Birthday Party (because it started later than we thought), we  just kind of went around downtown to see what else was going on. We caught a little bit of The Kinetics final show (RIP) from the outside of The Jackpot, and we caught a couple of songs and soundcheck. They played some really solid indie-pop tunes and an R.E.M. cover. We heard a band called Alice Sweer Alice playing inside The Granada, and they sounded pretty good. We past by the Replay and had an encounter with the band The Cave Girls, and they were super cool ladies. They gave me a brief speech about being young with concert restrictions. It's a message I've heard before, but it's always nice to hear it. I couldn't get any pictures, so sorry for that.
GET SOME MUSIC FROM THE BANDS I HEARD BEFORE THE IHLM PARTY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

After a short wait, Doubleplus took stage promptly at 10. It was their shirt at a real venue, and their second show ever. It was very hard to believe that it was their first show, because they played really well. They played a solid 6-7 song set of solid rock n' roll/punk. Some covers, a bunch of cool original songs, and just a lot of good musicianship. All 3 guys in the band played really well, particularly the guitarist, who played some really great solos in the set. The drummer, sporting a Der Todesking shirt, could play really fast at points. The bassist didn't do to much, but he was enjoying himself, and he played really well. And the way they used effects, it sounded like 4-6 people in the band not just 3. It was a really good set.

Hidden Pictures
After the rock/punk styles of Doubleplus and me meeting a bunch of cool musicians, Hidden Pictures came out. I only caught 3 songs, but what I heard was some really awesome indie pop-rock. It was really happy, boppy and stuff that you could just dance around to. Also, the girl in the band rocked a glockenspiel. What other band could do that? Also, the keyboard player is the keyboard player for The Magentlemen, who was playing next. The more you know, right?

I got to meet/see a lot of cool people, like Travis from Stiff Middle Fingers, Quinton McPanda from Panda Circus, Various members from The Magentlemen, Ryan from The Sl*ts, Rob Schulte from Baiowolf and naturally a bunch of people from I Heart Local Music. Thanks to The Bottleneck and IHLM for a really great night. Congrats to I Heart Local Music on their anniversary. You guys have been a site I check daily since forever. :)

Read more about the night, because i wasn't there for it all

The lighting in The Bottleneck was really bright, so some of my photos aren't really great.

                                         All Photos taken by MTYMNHKA March 24th 2012