06 January 2012

REVIEW: modbom

space is a vat of paint Cover Art
Artist: modbom
Album: space is a vat of paint
Genre: Ambient

Rating: 8.8/10

Hey Guys. thanks for 2000+ page views. and in celebration, i'm gonna review my first loved album of 2012.

modbom is a Chicago ambient/electronica band, and this is their latest release, space is a vat of paint. From what I'm gathering, since they're isn't any information on them at all, modbom has released a lot of material in the past. They have almost 30 albums, eps, singles and remixes on their bandcamp. But I'm starting here . And I like what I hear.

This album is a very soothing and relaxing album. It has a very high production value, and modbom uses this advantage to give us some nice airy sounds, and a nice synth range. The opening track, "sea", is pretty much an example of what happens through the album: A happy [but not overly happy] feel, a atmosphere that is added to through the whole song, and drum machines. The next track, "rob ottickrust", pulls a move I don't really hear to much, especially in this genre: the track has a bass. Not like a low end of a keyboard, like an actual bass. I though it was cool. Some tracks even incorporate guitars.

My only flaw with this album is that it really doesn't experiment too much. All the songs sound very similar to Tycho, and perhaps a little too much. But, if you remember, Tycho had my 5th or 6th favorite album of 2011.  So why wouldn't I like this album. modbom crafts very beautiful, happy, and interesting little electronic album. I enjoyed it.

*Click the album cover to go download it for free

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