20 January 2012

Monzie Leo blows our mind.

One of MTYMNHKA's close friends is an awesome Kansas-turned-Chicago Artist named Ben Rumback. About 6 months ago, when he was in town to do a little art camp thing, we got to meet his bro-in-law, Joel. Joel, who came in wearing an Electric Wizard t-shirt, seemed like a cool guy. It turns out he was in a local band. After trying and trying to remember what Joel said his band name was, I couldn't remember. But, thanks to our other friends I Heart Local Music, our search is complete. It turns out, Joel's has an alter ego named Monzie Leo, who holds the main place in his band Monzie Leo And The Big Sky. After a show at the Replay about a week ago, I'm very intrigued and disturbed. These guys are a 3-piece group w/ one guy on drums and fiddle (he is actually in a band named Cloud Dog, a band of equal weirdness), a guy on washbucket and an odd variation of a stand up bass, and Joel (Monzie) on main vocals and acoustics. This music is just intense, poetic, raw, beautiful, and scary. Check it out. It's out there.

IHLM Article

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