22 January 2012

Loud Music INC

So, while browsing Bandcamp last night, I suddenly started looking through all the metal and punk I could find. Here's 5 releases I found.

Vakunoht-Gargin's Start
Gagarin's Start Cover Art
A very cool Hard Rock album from a British 3-piece that is nice and loud.

wheels within wheels-The Shift
The Shift Cover Art
This isn't a nice treatment of black metal that bands like Liturgy and Wolves In The Throne Room give you. This is a grinding, dark and atmospherical piece of music.

Submerge-Guillotine Single
Guillotine Cover Art
Fast played instrumental punk. What more could you ask for?

Olde Growth-Olde Growth
Olde Growth Cover Art
A foot stomping southern metal album that only uses bass and drums. So catchy too.

Gestorben Cover Art
While kinda poorly produced, this debut is a good way for someone to find out what Liturgy combined with Wormrot would sound like.

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