16 January 2012

Concert Review: Dubb Nubb w/ Carey Scott and Andrew Frederick

Intimate Music + Pizza = Win
At a Wonder Fair show, one can usually expect to see: cool people, great musicianship, members of the band you came to see, and just overall awesomeness.         
Last Monday night was the return of Pizza Power, a concert series made by MTYMNHKA's favorite local label Whatever Forever. It used to be shows at a house, but due to an outrageous noise fine, the label needed a new place to host the pizza shows. Wonder Fair was the answer. On Monday, we got to catch St. Louis/Columbia natives Dubb Nubb at the return of Pizza Power. It met every expectation I really could think of for a WF/WF/PP show.

Carey Scott

After a crowd got wrangled in and the pizzas were being made, Carey Scott came out in a cool shirt and with a guitar. The building was silent. He played a very emotional, brief and intimate singer/songwriter set. Carey had an amazing voice and guitar skill and I'd hope to hear an LP from him sometime soon.

Dubb Nubb

Dubb Nubb was kinda the main act I came to see on Monday, and they didn't disappoint me. They played a lot of my favorites from their awesome 2011 release Sunrise Sleepy Eyed (which I got a signed CD of), like "Johnny", "Tennessee Mountains", "Don't Ever Find Me", and "Kindergarten Wedding", but also some other cool ones like "Pitter Pat" and "New Bones". The three Mizzou sisters really brought some great playing, loud vocal combinations and cool percussion. These guys remind me of a WAY folkier version of Tegan And Sara. Theses guys are nice and great performers. I loved it. And +, they brought a button making station. That is awesome.

Andrew Frederick (of Oils)

About 20 minutes after Dubb Nubb went up, everyone who was left (including Dubb Nubb) was sitting or standing to watch Andrew Frederick play. His primary project is the band Oils, who I have listened to and liked, but i didn't quite know what to expect from his set. Um, and it was probably one of the most interesting sets I've ever heard. It was rather comical and silly, but also ad an occasional seriousness. But, no matter the subject matter, the audience was content and enjoying it. And so did I.

At the end of the night, this was an amazingly intimate, cool and amazing show. I enjoyed it. I got an Oils shirt and new CD (which I'm not going to get the chance to review [sorry Andrew}) and a Dubb Nubb CD. I met all of the bands, Karma Vision members, and a manager of Whatever Forever, and writer for the Pitch. I had fun, and loved it alot. I recommend seeing these people in show sometime when you have time.

Photo Gallery: Dubb Nubb

Carey Scott

Dubb Nubb

Andrew Frederick (from Oils)

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