27 December 2011


Final Exit Cover Art
Artist: Umberto
Song: Final Exit
Genre: Ambient, Electronica

Rating: 10/10

Hey Guys.... ahh.....

Umberto is a Kansas City instrumental electronic musician that I've been following since he was on a split 7" with C V L T S, one of my favorite ambient artists around today, back in February. He has released plenty of of tapes and albums over the past year or two, all of which experimented quite a bit with the genre. Now, this new song, "Final Exit", really isn't like anything Umberto has released before. It is something different.
The overall concept of this 15min. song is preparation for death. These are the words of Umberto on the song:
"Do not expect the "Goblinish" Umberto that you’ve listen in his past records. The aim of this track, the only one, that compose the record is to accompany the last moments of your life. 15 minutes to reach that peace of mind that you need to abandon the temporal and embrace the great unknown. Every B side is needless: who will turn the record ?'

It's a very daring thing to do. And Umberto does it right. The song is a swirling, epic masterpiece that does everything its description needs to be true. In ambient music, there are a lot of amazing things to listen to, but this is a beautifully woven-piece of sound that everyone on earth really needs to fully listen too at least once. One man has created the soundtrack to death. I couldn't recomend a song more. I really think you just need to go listen to it yourself. Now.

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