20 December 2011

Top 10 Daytrotter Sessions

I will be honest guys, this list was the hardest list of all. Yes, even harder than the LP list. This website releases 3 live sessions a day, and rounding up my 10 favorites wasn't an easy task. This list doesn't really do all of them justice, so if you wanna see all of the ones I liked (approximately), go here. And also, since i'm unfortunately cheap, I didn't get the paid daytrotter membership, so my listening of sessions was... not cut off, but slowed down. If you don't know what Daytrotter is, it is a website that records bands live sessions in their studios across the country then puts them on their website. I have a link to it on the blog on the link list, don't worry.

My 10 favorite Daytrotter Sessions of 2011

10. Colin Stetson
Colin Stetson
At first, I really didn't think of this as music, but then I realized that this was just one guy, one saxophone. I flipped and loved it.

9. Doldrums
This session did exactly what a Daytrotter session is supposed to do: give me a band I didn't know about before, and make me love them. This is a beautiful little experimental session that involves looping, interesting vocals and a wonderful electronic feel.

8. Marijuana Deathsquads
Marijuana Deathsquads
Ignore the guy flipping you off in the cover and the chipmunk voice this guy gives in their opening welcomes on the session. This thing has some intense electro/drum combos that are powerful and loud. I'm very disappointed I'm missing their live performance in my town soon.

7. Cowboy Indian Bear
Cowboy Indian Bear
These guys are one of my towns local sweethearts, and they  pulled out a great session. I was very proud.

6. My Gold Mask
My Gold Mask
Very intricate guitar work, perfect drumming, and  wonderful vocals. A very different session that intrigued me for a long time. And now they're following me on twitter. #OMG

5. A Camp 
A Camp
This session struck a chord with me for its loveliness. Each song is a wonderfully done masterpiece that drives a nail into your heart with its simple yet great lyrics and great tunes.

4. Reggie Watts
Reggie Watts
Improvised comedy music at its best. Reggie is a master of his craft.

3. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
This final session from CFTPA (aka Owen Ashworth) is a heart wrenching wonderland that just makes me sadde and sadder every time i listen.

2. The Devils Horns Kill The Matador
The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador
This session is like nothing I've ever really heard before. These guys are a 2-piece from Philadelphia, but for a while I thought they were a 7-some piece. Just so different. These guys use keys, organs, slide whistles, kick drums, pots and pans, accordion, and other instruments I'm not really sure of.

1. Kid Koala
Kid Koala
I know it's weird, but this was my introduction to Kid Koala. This thing just had 3-powerhouse tracks right from the beginning. This think just shows how amazing KK is with his tables. This session held my interest long after it came out.

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