25 December 2011

mewithoutyou VS. La Dispute

Welcome Guys. Hmmm...

Now for those of you at home who don't know who the 2 above bands, here is a little background information.
mewithoutyou is an art rock/folk band from Philly and have released 4 records, all of which have amazing lyrical themes, different musical styles, and rather spoken/shouty vocals. Their last record, It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!, the band really brought a lighter, odd baroque folk style to the table. One of my favorite records of 2009.
La Dispute is a post hardcore group from the great state of Michigan, who has released 2 albums, one of which I listen too as I write this article.

I've seen the occasional argument go up about one band being better than the other, because to a lot of people say they sound the same. Now, I'm here to give my opinion. Personally, I don't think they're quite the same to begin with.

mewithoutyou gives some stuff I really don't hear to often, and that's something I love about them. They have the ability to bring the noise, and they can craft that noise with a rather lo-fi atmosphere. It has a lot of boundary crossing, and rough vocals. La Dispute really has a lot more production, and a slightly heavier sound. i think the reason that people compare them so much is the guitar style and vocals.

Admittedly, the guitars on La Dispute's latest LP Wildlife could be comparable to mewithoutyou's first album. The vocals have plenty of similarities with their delivery, but in the end I could tell the difference between the 2 bands.

In the end, I think the answer to who is better is your decision. if you like more production, go to La Dispute. If you're interested in something a little different, go for mewithoutyou. My personal opinion goes to mewithoutyou, but I think both bands are still really good.

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