29 December 2011

Local Music End Of Year List

Here we go folks. As some of you know, I am very supportive of my local music scene, so I only thought it fair to give them a list too. Enjoy the bands that you haven't heard of, but need too.

Top 15 Local LP's
The Panda Magic Happy Fun Show Cover Art
1. Panda Circus-The Panda Magic Happy Fun Show
2. Hospital Ships-Lonely Twin
3. The Magetntlemen-The Magentlemen
4. C V L T S-Theta Distractions
5. Rooftop Vigilantes-Real Pony Glue
6. Living Ghost-Lavinias Hands
7. Hidden Pictures-Sychronized Sleeping
8. Agent X-12-The Key To The Scroll Lock
9. Say My Name-Say My Name 2
10. Emo Side Project-The End Of Something
11. The Rackatees-In Crime We Trust
12. The Donkey Show-The Second Coming Of... The Donkey Show!
13. Greg Enemy-x tra Small
14. 18 Carat Affair-Televised Tragedies
15. Snakebite-No Honor Among Thieves

Top 15 Local EP's

1. The Faded Age-The Faded Age EP
2. Ponyboy-Little **** Demo
3. heartscape landbreak-Unreleased
4. Hello Biplane-Xmas 2011 EP
5. Robocopter-Dead With It EP
6. Hidden Pictures-Tangerine
7. Steddy P.-No Days Off 2 Ep
8. C V L T S/Goodwillies-C V L T  S/Goodwillies Split c30
9. Dean Monkey And The Dropouts-EP
10. The Spook Lights-Live From Sleaztopia
11. Minden-Gold Standard
12. My Brother, The Vulture-Now's Your Chance
13. Major Games-EP1
14.  Spirit Is The Spirit-Mother Mountain EP
15. Emo Side Project-A Schwab Too Faour EP

Top 5 Local Singles
Final Exit Cover Art
1. Umberto "Final Exit"
2. Mouthbreathers "Anxiety"
3. Mansion "23"
4. Nature Boys "Rabies"
5. Minden "Swift Way On"

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