30 December 2011

CONCERT REVIEW: Stiff Middle Fingers

Stiff Middle Fingers Bring An Energetic End To The Year

When you hear that the band your going to see is named Stiff Middle Fingers, you may get a little skeptical about seeing them. but trust me, this band is well worth your time if you want to have a good one.

A trip downtown in winter with a friend is always an adventure. We went to get a pizza, went to a coffee shop and had cereal and coffee and watched "Betty Boop", then headed down to our local record store to check out the music. 

In our town, we have a little thing on the last Friday of every month where all the downtown art galleries/record stores/music venues/places that are cool put up art and some host local bands. On this night, we got the pleasure of seeing the band Stiff Middle Fingers.

On approaching the store, we could hear the noise of loud punk music. As we entered, that's exactly what it was. On entering, we found 4 guys in t-shirts and either short or long jeans just rocking everyone to death. Their sound combined covers, punk, rock, and metal/screamo all into one. The sounds where attracting one of the largest crowds I've ever seen at the record store. 

The band performed mainly covers [or so they told us], and they we're really well done. The band showed everything I'd really look for in a good punk show. Loud, energetic, crowd-energizing, and great musicianship. Certainly not the loudest band I've ever seen (e.g. A Lull, Mansion, Mouthbreathers, Dry Bonnet), but they brought the perfect level of noise to make the store shake and shock my friend (who hadn't been to a local show before). 

Let me tell you something. The lead singer of Stiff Middle Fingers is the craziest, most eccentric live performer I've ever seen. The dude ran from the back of the store (were they were playing) all the way to the front and back again while singing at the same time. I was continually afraid that the mic cord would trip someone. It was all over the place. He used his mic stand once, and knocked it down before the end of the song. He ran behind a desk area, sat down, chilled, then came back around and started singing again while the band was still playing. 

Stiff Middle Fingers put on a GREAT punk show, and I'd definitely try and see them in the future. I found myself smiling, laughing and generally the happiest I've ever felt at a punk show.

Sorry for the poor quality on some of them, but these guys move so fast it was sometimes hard to catch them on camera. Enjoy.

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