23 November 2011

REVIEW: Levi The Poet

Album: Levi The Poet
Artist: Monologues EP
Label: ComeAndLive!
Genre: Spoken Word, Avant Garde
Ok, guys....

Score: 9.8/10

Levi Macallister is a poet/spoken word master from Albuquerque, New Mexico who released his debut album Werewolves early last year rather silently and under my nose. But now he's signed to the revolutionary non-profit christian label ComeAndLive!, whom I've followed since they signed hardcore-turned-light band Showbread a year ago. I was planning to listen to this when I found out it was coming a few weeks ago, but I became especially intrigued when I found the album was spoken-word. Now, I look for spoken word and or some reason have trouble finding it, so I decided I would get this when it came out. Now, here we are.

Let me just say, if you don't like Levi The Poet's voice on the first line of this EP, you just won't stand this thing. His voice sounds like a mix between Spencer Chamberlain [of Underoath], Aaron Weiss [of Mewithoutyou] and a crazy Tom Delonge. He sounds like a alcoholic pastor on the verge of insanity when he's talking. And what he's talking about is actually not quite the equivalent.

These 6-pieces that Levi created, are stories. They are occasionally stereotypical stories, but the way they are told is revolutionary. Levi really is a talented poet, and has a unique voice that just echoes through your head. He isn't afraid to be a little risqué. "Bluer Eyes In The Fall Seas" is a dive into dysfunctional life and christianity. "Kaleiodescope" goes through a girls story through bulimia and prostitution. It's so disturbingly told, and this guy does it better than anyone i've ever heard.

The digital copy I have of this album is 6 tracks (w/ bonus track) and stretches to a massive 41 minutes. It's a rather rough ride, because if you aren't ready for some deep thinking and a little bit of craziness, you will HATE this. But, if you want to listen to one man's poems and speeches read aloud, this one is for you. It's a complicated piece of work, but it will work its way into my favorite EP list at the end of the year. Forget Tyler. This guy is the one with a mind and a mouth.