16 July 2011

The Different Faces of Jack White

Has Anyone Else Noticed This? Jack White's looks have changed over the years, and here is my chart of the Jack White Looks.

1. Brief Mohawk Jack

This is the only photo of this one I could find, and it's from the early white stripes/upholsters days, and jack barely had a set of hair. Weird to think, right?

2. The White Stripes/De Stijl Jack

The more widely seen version of early Jack White. This lasted about two albums, then changed a little.

3. White Blood Cells Jack

In This, Jack's hair just kinda changed. Not huge, but worth noting.

4. Elephant Signature Jack

I'm pretty sure this is the Jack that White Stripes fans love the most. The Height of his career, and Jack looked amazing. This was kinda his sgnature. And it left pretty fast.

5. Scary Get Behind Me Satan Jack

Ok, While Jack White is great and respectable in almost everything he does, this version always scares me and my friend half to death. I Mean, look at that mustache! And also, all these weird outfits started to surface. Hmmm.....

6. Icky Thump/The Raconteurs Jack

This is Jack White in just plain awesome form.

7. Scary Dead Weather/Re-Get Behind Me Satan

While Get Behind Me Satan Jack was weird, Jack was at least the same fun Jack. When performing with The Dead Weather, Jack seemed like.... He was on drugs, or something.... Its just a weird time period.

8. Third Man: Re-Icky Thump/Elephant Jack

The NOW Jack. It Has The Face of Icky Thump mixed with the Elephant Hair. Kinda weird sounding i guess....

So There..... Yep..... You all probably think im weird now.

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